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Can anyone give me any hope?

Hi, i have unfortunetly recently miscarried for the 7th time in a row (no babies yet)

Docs do not know why this is happening.

I am 27 years old, i am wondering now if i should give up as its so painful to keep going through it and playing the waiting game everytime i fall pregnant.

I want to enjoy my life with my lovely partner but this is not helping us do that.

Family and friends are not much help because they either dont know what to say or say something really hurtful like "i cant believe you are thinking of trying again"

Does anyone have any words of wisdom, does anyone know anyone in a similar position that have gone on to have a healty baby / babies???

Any help will be really appreciated. thanks xxxxx


  • Sorry to ask again but anything that would help me would be so so appreciated?? xx

  • hi huni i didnt want to read and run

    have you had bloods done? how far do u get to before the m/c starts?

    i suffered 2 in a row last year july and december i do have 1 little boy aged 18 months and im 5 weeks again now xx

  • Hi Sarah48. Very sorry to hear about your miscarriages. It must be so hard and I can't begin to understand how you feel.

    i just wanted to let you know about a friend of my sisters who miscarried 8 times before finally managing to carry her daughter to term. I know she had lots of tests, etc but I think in the end she was having to take aspirin to help her blood. She is currently 16 weeks pregnant with her second although she has had 3 more miscarriages.

    good luck and fingers crossed for you xx

  • Hi Sarah, I am sorry for your recent loss x I know how emotionally and physically draining it can be.

    I am currently 16 wks pregnant.  This is my 7th and I have no children  (6 previous losses). 

    You need to give yourself time to heal and it is definitley possible to have a successful pregnancy after multiple losses. 

    I had given up all hope of ever having children after my last miscarriage and decided if its going to happen it will happen, I stopped stressing over it and kept myself busy with work e.t.c and then I found out I was pregnant.  Although I am 16 weeks now, its not been easy I am on eggshells scared to death that something is going to happen and I confined myself to bedrest up until a few weeks ago.

    I would ask your GP to refer you to have all available tests done.  I was never offered any tests so prior to this pregnancy I asked for internal scans, bloods e.t.c although my tests were clear, it gave me peace of mind.

    I'm here if you need to talk, just message me x


  • Hi Sarah,

    I am so sorry! I have read a story the other day about a lady that miscarried 20 times before she's managed to carry her daughter to term so please do not give up. People who have not experienced a miscarriage do not know what it feels like and they don't know how much emotional pain it causes! Therefore they are not aware how much it hurts when they say such things. Just ignore them!!

    I spoke to our GP practice manage who miscarried 3 times and she said that when the NHS did their investigations they've put her on low dose aspirin because her blood was too thick and could not maintain a healthy pregnancy! She's had babies since but kept on taking 75mg aspirin throughout her pregnancy.

    I am taking aspirin too, my midwife said that it will not cause any harm to the baby and it is making me feel better. I've had one miscarriage, missed miscarriage and was completely crushed so I admire you for being strong enough to cope with 7! 

    Please do not give up! Have you had any appointments at the fertility clinic?

    Good Luck xxx


    Thanks so much for everyone’s comments and inspiring stories, it makes me feel so much better reading these!!

    sarah rowland: Good luck with your pregnancy this time, I wish you luck and sorry to hear about your 2 m/c, it’s not nice is it at all!! ;-(

    GG2, thanks for the story of your sisters friend, it makes me feel really hopeful! I hope this pregnancy works out for her.

    sammy 2: congratulations, 16 weeks after 6 m/c!!!. believe me I know what you mean when you say you are on egg shells and scared to death. It’s a horrible feeling but please try and relax and carry on taking your mind off it. Good advice about if it happens it happens, I will try thinking this next time for sure as no point in worrying is there. Good luck, I hope it works out for you this time.

    sweetjudy: wow 20 m/c I think I would be feeling 100% worthless and deflated after that many but I it is great that this lady finally managed to achieve her goal, fair play to her for putting herself through it that many timesimage I have started to ignore horrible comments now from friends etc as I don’t think they mean it. I wish they knew how I felt but they never will so I will have to live with that. Good luck in our pregnancy this time, wow nice to get a positive new years day! Mine was boxing day, was so lovely. Fingers crossed next time for me though nowimage

    I have been under the Gynae unit in hospital after the 3rd m/c. I have been prescribed with aspin and clexane jabs as my blood is a bit thick but he did say border line so it’s not too bad.

    The last few babies have been taken away for testing because my body doesn’t ever reject them so they have to be removed and the tests on them are fine and come back with no reason for m/c so my body is rejecting the pregnancies and I have even been told if they were girls or boys which is upsetting.

    So after that he tried me on prednisolone which is a steroid as he thinks my immune system is killing the babies (all sounds complicated doesn’t it) but that obviously didn’t work to date either. Also I have been proscribed Progesterone when pregnant.

    The m/c I had last month had died in my womb just after 10 weeks after a scan and he said to me sorry etc etc, best to get this one checked too to see if there are any genetic problems with it which did happen, I went for the op again and he asked me to come back in 6 weeks to see him again for results etc. He said he may have to increase steroids... not great as they are horrible drugs. I will be having a serious word and seeing if there are any further tests and whether he thinks I should stop trying... I hope he says no!

    Anyway sorry if its long but that is my story regards testing etc... a long road and hoping I will see light at the end one dayimage That will make it all worth it. I have my fingers crossed for us all.

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