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Medical Management - advice needed


I was diagnosed with a missed miscarriage early last month and decided to try and wait it out hoping it would happen spontaneously.  On 14th was scanned again and told it was a blighted ovum which was continuing to grow so advised to have intervention.  After speaking with my consultant we decided to try the medical route (complex history and fear of more uterine damage with a d&c).  

Yesterday I had to go to the hospital to have 800mcg Misoprostal inserted and was told to expect heavy bleeding with clots within 6-8hrs.  Cramping started within an hour and got progressively worse although it was manageable with pain relief, I then started to get some heavyish red loss (sorry if TMI), had been bleeding already for 10 days! But passed no clots then at about 11 last night it all pretty much stopped.

Has anyone else has any experiences like this, am wondering if there is still any chance it will work or if I will have to have a d&c.  Hospital will not see me for another week and that's only for another consultation.  I have been off work for 3 weeks already and really need to get some closure so we can move on.

Sorry for the long post


  • Hi huni im so sorry for your loss

    i went straight for the d&c route so i cant offer and help apart from my d&c was quick and fairly pain free i was worried as i had it on the 24th december and thought id be laid up in bed christmas day but i was fine, it felt just like a normal period and the bleeding stopped about 5 days after having the d&c.

    i bled for 15 days with both my m/c so i knew it was never going to be a good out come for me either...

    I hope your ok huni, hold in there i know its not easy xxxx

    (Im now 5 weeks and 4 days and praying this time il be fine 3rd time lucky! midwifes have booked an early scan as its my 3rd pregnancy in 10 months now)

  • Hi Nessie, i am sorry to hear about your m/c/. i have also had D&Cs several times and would prefer to do that anytime as it is pain free for me and i stop bleeding after a few days so i can move on and wait for next period etc.

    I did have one natual m/c though and i was only about 5 weeks, i bleed for quite a afew weeks and some days heavy and some light which worried me but i never passed any clotts or saw a baby but it was there on the scan on day we found the bad news and after that bleeding i was scanned again and it was gone so i guess you dont always see clots. It could have been within the beeding and you could have missed it? How far along were you?

    I hope you are ok now and you can get in the hospital to get another scan soon and put your mind at rest and put this behind you. Good luck for the future, and good luck again Sarah xxxxx I really mean it, m/c is so so horrible.

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