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Hi all, looks like I'll be joining you guys!  im 29, married and have a beautiful 4 year old little boy.  I had a mc before falling pregnant with him, in fact I didn't even have a period between the mc and my BFP!  Anyway, my DH and I decided to start trying for baby number 2 at the beginning of the year and I got my BFP on 31st January, so in our first month of trying.

 Everything was going well until I had some dark brown spotting on 20th February, around 7 weeks pregnant. I had no pains and no clots but I got an appointment at my EPU for Wednesday of the following week where by my dates, I should have been 7+4.  Nothing seen on the abdominal ultrasound so they carried out an internal scan which showed gestational sac, yolk sak and a little bean with a heartbeat flickering away.  No cause for the bleeding seen, but they put my dates back by just over a week - this concerned me slightly as I knew when I ovulated, but everything looked ok otherwise.

 My scan was at 1pm and at 3pm I started bleeding bright red blood, it was running down my legs that first day there was so much of it, and continued for 7 full days.  Not once did I have any cramps or notice any clots other than 3 small clots on that first day.   Because of the amount of blood I was sent back up to EPU and they confirmed today that my womb is empty and I've had a complete miscarriage.   

I'm feeling ok about it all, I've been living in limbo for almost three weeks so to have an answer does provide some relief and I feel like I can move on from it, I'm just in two minds when to start trying again.  We go away in June and half of me is tempted to wait until after then, but the other half of me worries it will take ages to fall pregnant again and we should start trying straight away.   

Well, thats my story.  Looking forward to getting to know you all but sorry it has to be in this forum x


  • I'm so sorry Ellie - sending big hugs! x


  • Thanks sweetjudy xx
  • Hi Ellie, sorry for your loss. Its is hard to think about when you want to try again, but I think that you will know when you are ready. Sending you best wishes for the future & remember there is a lot of support in the forum if/when you need it. x x

  • so sorry for your loss Ellie, hope you're doing ok, it's so heartbreaking!! but unfortunately so common! I've just had my 2nd mmc in a year!image

    The only thing you can do is move on and live your life and what will be will be (that's my new motto!!)

    we had a holiday booked and I decided to start trying after that holiday- That was 2011, I didn't get pg til Mar 2013 (mmc April) then got pg Jan 2014 (thinking it would be our lucky year (mc naturally 2 weeks ago) 

    It sounds like you get pg quite quickly! good luck with whatever you decide to do.

    Take care xx

  • Im so sorry to read this huni,

    i suffered 2 m/c last year with in 6 months july and december and in feb i got my bfp so it can happen quickly (iv only got 1 ovary and tube)

    I think you will know when the time is ready to try again, the only advice i can offer is take folic acid whilst ttc, i took it this time round and touch wood things seem to be going ok.

    the ladies on here are fab at offering support and advice xxxxxx

    As hard as it is try and stay strong xxx


  • Thanks ladies, I'll definitely take fix acid Sarah thank you for that. Yep, I seem to get pregnant quite easily, I just seem to have a bit of trouble keeping them in there xx
  • Hi Ellie,

    Yeah, folic acid or pregnacare will help, also try low dose aspirin - 75mg, they tend to prescribe it to people after multiple miscarriages because it thins blood and helps maintain pregnancy. I am taking it every day and my midwife said that it will not do any harm.

    Good luck honey and take your time grieving, it is a shock to ones system and very hard to digest!


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