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2 miscarriages within 5 months

Apparently less than 5% of women have more than 1 miscarriage, this really scares me as I've had 2 in 5 months. Has anyone gone on to have a successful pregnancy following 2 miscarriages?


  • Hi, I had 2mcs last year within 5 months also. One in Feb & one in July. I am currently pregnant again but only around 5 weeks. I cant say whether or not this one is going to be ok, but I am hoping so hard that it will be 3rd time lucky for me. Best wishes for the future x x

  • Hi huni 

    i have a little boy age 18 months

    I had 2 m/c last year july and december, i was very shocked to m/c the 2nd time round as we goit to see baby with a heart beat 10 days later they told me baby had died image

    I am now 6 weeks 4 days pregnant again, i wont lie im living on the edge every time i go to the toilet, or every niggly pain i think omg not again! 

    so far iv had no sign of m/c again, my tests are very strong and iv got a 3+ on clear blue digi which helps, and iv got an early scan booked for next monday because of the 2 m/c.

    I called the m/c help line and yes they say 5% of ladies have a m/c then 3% have 2 in a row and then it drops to 1% have 3 in a row, they did say that if you have 3 in a row then talk to your gp for testing, but they said to me as iv already got a little boy and its with the same father each time that it was more likely i was just UNLUCKY last year.....( didnt make me feel any better about it tho)

    All i can say is when you feel ready to ttc again go with the flow, make sure you take your folic acid whilst ttc as well, i defo think it helps! i did it this time and have made it this far with out any pros, and relax, as crazy as it sounds defo relax! 

    Supastar Huni its our time for sure huni!!! 3rd time lucky for us all xxx

  • Thanks so much for the responses, the grief of a miscarriage is a lonely place. I have a 3 year old so know I should be grateful, I was pregnant within 3 weeks of coming off the pill with her. I'm still on the folic acid and going to use the clearblue ovulation tests again. I knew the last pregnancy wasn't going to stick as the clearblue preg tests didn't go past 1-2 weeks image Great to hear that your both pregnant again, good luck ladies xxx

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