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I've had 8 positive pregnancy tests all coming back positive even two clear blue digitals, I've had a miscarriage about a year ago roughly after 4weeks, I've tea test since last Monday all positive and started bleeding like a period (quite heavy) neither last time or this time have been planned but once getting my head around it this happens I've done another test and it's came negative. I have no idea what's wrong with me or why this keeps happening, if any one has experienced the same and can give me an explanation or any advice id greatly appreciate it.


  • Hi huni didnt want to read and run, have you called a gp or midwife yet?

    my advice would be to call them, how far gone do you thing you are?

    i had this twice last year but sadly both mine ended in m/c but i do know loads of ladies do bleed whilst being pregnant, its just the fact you got a negative test i would ring them and ask for an early scan x

    im now 6 wks and 4 days again and so far touch wood all seems to be going ok, iv got a scan next week to double check all is ok x

  • Thank you, I'm estimated to be 4 weeks and a few days. I've booked a doctors apt and going tonight.

    Good luck, I'm sure everything will be fine image thank you for your comment. Yes hopefully Its just hard getting your head around it for a second time and it happening again.
  • i know babes, 

    i had 2 last year july and december.

    july was hard because it was my 1 m/c but december was 10 times worse as i got to see baby and heart beat image  and i thought at the time Why is this happening to me! i know there is nothing any of us ladies can do to stop a m/c but it dont make it any easier xxxx

    I hope all goes well at doctors tonight will be keeping every thing crossed for you.

  • More blood tests tomorrow to see what's going on, I haven't been told what's most likely to happen or the outcome just it's unfortunate if it's a m/c again.

    Has anyone had this and once they've started trying again or fallen pregnant unexpectedly had any more issues? I feel as if I have something wrong with me.

    Thank you Sarah Rowland2, I have everything crossed for you and no doubt this is your time things change and start going your way ???? xx
  • blood tests is a good start huni, thats what they said to me in december that if i lost again it was just unlucky! didnt make me feel any better!

    My bleeding with the 1st m/c started at 4 wks 4 day and went on for 15 days solid i knew some thing was wrong by day 3 of bleeding.....

    my 2nd i started bleeding at 5/6 wks and bled again for 10 days when i went back for my follow up scan they said baby had died was gutted after seeing him on the screen with a heart beat, had to go in for a d&c exmas eve.

    It took me over a year to fall with my son, then 10 months later i got my bfp, then 3 months after the m/c i got my next bfp then 1 cycle after the d&c i got this current bfp......

    I wish you all the best huni image xxx

  • Thank you, that's horrible to hear. I wish you all the luck this time!

    Yes my first m/c was at about 4/5wks also they didn't take it seriously I had bloods and got told it was a m/c. I bled for about 10-15 days also very heavy.

    This time around its a lot lighter but still very red and bloody, I have no doubt it's a m/c again although I'm holding out for the tiniest hope there is something still there image although I know 90% It won't be.

    I have a lot of pressure in my womb area almost like period pains but not as strong just an ache and pressure type feeling.

    All the best for you Sarah. Xxx
  • Yes it was confirmed by bloods it was a M/C now I need to find out what tests can be done to find out why this has happened for a second time roughly around the same time is it me and my body whic is incapable of being pregnant or just bad luck?
  • Sorry to read this huni, hope they can offer you some answers, try and push for answers, they wouldnt run tests on me said i had to lose 3! i said 1 was bad enough and should run the test then xx

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