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hi ladies

i just wanted to ask those who've had a molar or partial molar pregnancy how soon after the removal of the molar tissue did your pregnancy symptoms start to fade? i had a miscarriage at twelve weeks due to a partial mole and it was confirmed the baby had passed away on a scan on the 1/04/14 and i delivered the baby and had thr molar tissue surgically removed on the 04/04/14  but my pregnancy symptoms haven't faded in the slightest. I'm still having sickness very sensitive sense of smell tiredness and VERY sore breasts (they are actually getting MORE tender not less) i know this can mean the tissue has either began to grow back or wasn't fully removed (some left after surgery) and the treatment for this is chemotherapy. obviously i REALLY want to avoid chemo and am pretty desperate to hear peoples experiences (even after a "normal" miscarriage without molar) on how long it took for your pregnancy symptoms to fade. thanks in advance for taking the time to read this post and for any replies. chloe xxxx

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