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Alone and lost

I am feeling really isolated and lost at the moment and really don't know where to turn. I'm feeling really depressed and feel that no one cares as no one has been in touch to see if I'm ok or if I want anything. I don't know what to do anymore 


  • Hi huni. I have an extreme amount of stuff going on atm and felt at breaking point the other week and called breathing space. I feel much better now.

    Have you thought about seeing yr GP?

    Talking on here might help but if its immediate help you need a helpline of some kind might help.

    Hope yr ok huni x
  • You can also pm me if you want to off load but im not much use personally. I'm more a practical person who tries to empathise but i'm no good with soothing words image Hints and suggestions I have many though lol. X
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