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23 weeks & 5 days..

At 23 weeks & 5 days my baby boy was born. I already had 3 days in the hospital. When my son was born doctors had said if only i could wait for 2 more days.. Sadly, baby didn't want to wait. My son came out trying to breathe and cry on his own. Doctors were amazed. They knew if he kept being strong he would've been part of a 20% that he would've survived & been perfectly fine. My son past the next day.. His organs were to fragile... Its been 2 months and i can't seem to get any better. i hold my pain in till everyone is asleep till my husband goes to work. since he works night shift. i don't know what else to do. each day it hurts more. i need advice.


How has anyone gotten through this pain? Its horrible!


  • Stephanie I'm so sorry your going through this. I haven't had a micro preemie but my sister did. She was able to keep her in till exactly to the day 25 weeks. There's great support groups if you need support from other women that have been through the same. My niece was in the hospital for 5 months and most of the time was not knowing if she would make it or not. These tiny little babies are amazing little fighters. That's amazing that he was trying to breath and cry on his own. I'm sorry that he didn't make it. Sending you a big hug.
  • I'm so sorry for your loss hun, a family member lost a baby girl at 30 weeks last year. They now have a beautiful bouncing baby girl born at the beginning of feb. have you had counselling? Holding things in is no good for u chick it might help to talk to someone x

  • That's amazing Nicole. i hope she did made it! they say its easier for a female to survive than a male.


    & i haven't been to one. i've tried going but i just feel as if all i would do is cry and cry. i just want to feel a bit relaxed.

  • Hi Stephanie

    I lost my son at 28+2 in September 2012, he lived for 2 days but sadly his lungs were not strong enough to make it through the fight - feels like forever ago, but at the same time feels like it was just yesterday.  Hun, if you need to let it out, do, there is not point in holding it in - it will make you feel worse.  You need to keep talking to your OH, friends and family - and talk about your baby boy - what was his name?  My son was called Dexter. Your wee boy was here, so talk lots about him....keep his memory alive.

    Can I recommend a website called Sands - their forum is - they have been a great support for myself and my husband. We've also raised a bit of money for them, just as a way to say thank you.  

    Some days are good, and some days are bad - mostly good now, but when it first happened I just didn't know what to do with myself.  You'll get there hun, I promise, it will never leave you but you will learn how to cope with it each day.

    And just to let you know - I'm 32 weeks pregnant with my rainbow baby - its been a hard time getting to this point, but we're almost there, and if thats what you want too - then you just have to believe.

    Take care

    Ann-Marie  x

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