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Hello My name is Chelsie, here's a little back story for you.

I am 21 years old, I am a navy wife, been married almost two years. We have been together almost six years. Been trying to have children for almost 3 years.

Last year this time my husband and I lost our first child. May 2013 I found out I was 5 weeks 3 days pregnant. We were so excited, shocked because I have PCOS and a lot of other female things wrong in that area and was told my chances for getting pregnant was slim to none. Anyway we were pregnant, I went to the hospital that day and got a blood test done and it confirmed the urine test I had taken. Moving forward, I was 7 weeks and I was noticing a little spotting and pretty bad cramping so I called my OB and he suggested I go to the ER so my husband drove me there they did blood work an ultrasound and all those wonderful tests and came to the conclusion that I had a UTI. Gave me some pregnancy safe antibiotics and sent me home. My first OB appointment was at almost 11 weeks, my husband and I go in and they begin the ultra sound and I notice this weird look on my ultra sound techs face. She saw my catch the look then smiled and said she would be right back. Which I began to get nervous, trying to hide it from my husband I smiled and said im sure everything is fine.

The tech come back with my doctor and my doctor then takes over the ultra sound and looks at me and tells me that I can get dressed she will be back to talk to us. So I get dressed and the doctor comes back in and sits, looks at us softly and continued to say, "We are unable to find a heart beat, and at this time we should be hearing a very strong heart beat." I felt a uncontrollable urge to scream but my husband (being the wonderful man he is) stood up and hugged me and all I could do is cry. We have been waiting and wanting this so long, how could it be ripped from our hands. The doctor then told me that I needed to have a D&C and she would set up an appointment for me to come in and schedule that in a day or so. When we got home I found my self building so much anger on top of my sadness. The anger was coming from knowing that there are thousands of women that have children and just dump they in someone else's care. (not to say that's not good I am absolutely pro adoption and against abortion) But it was just grinding on my mind along with the deep sorrow of my losing my child.    Fast forward to the scheduleing appointment for the D&C it was on a Friday, I went in and my doctor looked very confused and was asking me about my trip to the ER at 7 weeks and she then asked me "How come you didn't come in when the hospital told you, you miscarried at 7 weeks?" I didn't understand they just told me I had a UTI not a miscarriage. Well come to find out the doctor thought I already knew that I had lost the baby and just didn't mention it. After this conversation was over and more tears knowing that I had lost my child weeks ago, she scheduled me for a D&C for Monday morning. So I go home and lay in my room for the next two days. Sunday morning my husband was going to help a friend work on a boat about 30 minutes away and he was hesitant to leave me but I assured him id be okay. He heads out with out friend and I was just watching TV in our room when I started having this very weird pain in my lower back, it didn't feel like a cramp to me just a very painful pressure. The pain began getting worse and I then called my husband and told him to rush home, he had just got there and was 30 minutes away. This all happened in about a hour. Excuse the T.M.I (aka to much information) but the only way I could describe it is I felt like I had to have a bowel movement, I so got up went to the bathroom and sat down and then this huge urge to push came over me, there was no deciding not to


  • Sorry for your loss, I can't see the rest of your post for some reason so Idk how it ended. However I have had 2 MC. My first was back in 2008, I was 8 wks at that time. I just had my 2nd on June 25th. here is my timeline with my last one. 

    March 10th- Mirena taken out after 5 years June 24th- spotting started (er showed the sac in tacked that evening) June 25th- er said miscarriage happened (after vag. sono done, sac was gone) June 30th stopped bleeding July 3rd- HCG levels was down to 38 from 1000 and something July 10th- HCG levels was at 1 (doc said that normal range) I was 5 wks and 4 days when the spotting happened.

    We started back trying the day after the bleeding stopped, July 1st, every other day. I have not had my cycle yet and have no idea when it will return. Today marks 1 month the mc happened. 


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