lost baby 1 apr and still having weird symptoms

HI guys thanks so much for reading I am just so confused. I will try to cut a long story short.  My baby died at 6 weeks. i had to have the tablets for everything to come out.  i felt ok afterward but my stomach was still bigger than i thought and i never stopped totally bleeding, on 8th may depite repeated trips to the gp.  i didnt feel so great, io felt something rip inside of me and i lost a big piece of something (turned out to be retained placenta which was pretty big so i guess it had still been growing) i bled very heavily and was rushed to hospital where i was put on antibiotics, it took me 2 weeks of bed rest to pull round and i am getting there now.

the thing is is for the last week my boobs have been pretty painful. my nippes are sore all the time and i keep getting electric shock type pains.  i keep getting aches and cramps like my period is going to start and it doesnt and i keep getting dizzy spells also my stomach is flat on a morning and i have quite a bloated tuummy by night. me and hubby dtd once about 2 weeks ago. i really dont think i could be preggo again but its just so weird.  i been to the gp he thinks its ibs but i know its not.  I have just been through so much emotional trauma i just want to know is this just hormones or something else.  i have booked myself for a private ultrasound as i want to know has the retained placenta and infection done damage or is this hormines.  i just feel if i know whats what we can deal with it. thank you so much for reading xxx


  • Hi huni 

    im so sorry for your loss its heartbreaking i went through it twice last year, when is your scan??

    you might have fallen again, i lost july and was pregnant again in october, lost again december and was pregnant again in feb this year so it can happen fast! 

  • thank you for the kind words, af arrived this morning so was just the hormones.  image

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