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had enough

I really can't take anymore with life. I feel really suicidal and like I just want to end all. There is nothing to live for anymore, there really isn't image


  • hi huni

    i can understand how you feel i lost 2 babies last year with in a space of 6 months, i felt like my life was over and didnt know how i was going to carry on but with the help and support from a lot of the ladies on here i got there xx

  • Aww becks, you need to talk to someone. After having 2 miscarriages in went to see a counselor and it helped a lot. Even if you're not a very open person you would be surprised how much it can help
  • Agree with Charley i wish i had gone for counseling but i tried to handle it by my self xx 

  • Hi I feel the same image I can't talk to anyone coz everyone ends up saying it will be fine next time ;( each day my mind and heart battle against each other
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