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Kick up the backside!!!

Hi everyone.  Decided that I am giving my health and fitness a total rework.  I know miscarriages happen but I cant help feeling that my own health (weight) didn't help me or my baby.  I have joined a few groups online sort of like weight watchers but without the cost.  We will still be TTCing but getting into a healthy routine both in the kitchen and exercise wont harm at all.  I am overweight (over 200lbs) I used to smoke.  I gave up smoking when found out BFP in March fell of the wagon a bit when MC happened but I have given up again now.

I also would absolutely love love love a waterbirth when the time comes for me and I think I would be too much of a risk at the moment.  So that is also huge motivation.  Don't know if any of you have seen the Rosie Maternity Unit at Addenbrookes in Cambridge but OMG  its friggin amazing and I really really really want to have my baby there.....

So here is to a new cycle, a new healthy diet, a new exercise programme and hopefully a sticky BFP!!!!


  • Good luck hun. I lost almost 2 stone after my 2nd mc, it really gave me something positive to focus on. I then fell of the wagon a bit around Christmas & into Jan, & was lucky enough to get my bfp end of Feb this year.  I am currently 18wks3d, & so far so good. Best Wishes, Supa x xe 

  • I had my 3rd at the Rosie, and if I can't have a home birth will go there again, they are amazing x x x x

  • Gosh I hate this..... One day you feel like oh ok you know miscarriages are normal.... then the next day I cant stop crying!!!  Cant wait for my next BFP but and so scared at the same time.... 

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