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I need some advice

this is a long story and im not even sure if im in the right place, but I just dont know what to think anymore. I'll start from the beginning... My boyfriend and I decided we wanted me to go off of my birth control back in February. I was on Seasonale so it was going to be a big change for me to go back to getting AF every month again. My cycles started to be 31 days. Now we werent actively ttc yet but I wound up pregnant in March. I tested positive on the 26th I believe it was. I started bleeding on April 1st and went to the ER on the 3rd. I was told I was either having an early miscarriage or it was an ectopic pregnancy. After about 2-3 weeks they confirmed it was "just a miscarriage" and an enlarged right ovary. So because of that I went from getting AF on the 2nd of the month to the 5th. This month I was expecting it to arrive the 5th. Ihad very light spotting a week before it was due (and stupidly got excited). Then when the 5th rolled around nothing was there. The next day I took a test and it was neganegative and I had started to spot lightly again which isnt normal for me. (my AF usually starts very heavy and very painfully). This time it was light with no pain. (again I got excited). But when the 9th hit, so did AF. She stayed for 5 days. So the 14th my boyfriend and I had sex, and then again wednesday night, friday morning and last night. I've been feeling strange all week though. Heartburn, troubles sleeping at night, weird dreams, sore breasts, very tired during the day with no energy and feeling nauseous with lovely mood swings. But after last nights go around I realized I was bleeding. not super heavy but enough to leave some stains on the sheets (sorry tmi). when I woke up 4 hours later it was heavy like a period. I soaked through a tampon in an hour and a half but my cramps aren't as bad as they are with my period. So here I am very confused and sick of the emotional roller coaster and my body not being normal. any advice or comments are welcome.


  • Your body can take a while to recover after a miscarriage. Have you had scans and the all clear from the hospital? Also takes a while for your body to get into a proper cycle after coming off the pill.

  • thank you for responding! I went for my last ultrasound to make sure everything was back to normal on the 16th. then to the doctors on the 18th for a pap and she said everything was all good. I hope it all works itself out soon! the bleeding was really heavy with lots of clots for 2 days, then barely there for 2, then just a little bit before it disappeared yesterday. but I went to the washroom a couple hours ago and there was a light amount of blood when I wiped. now im cramping again. I just want to be back to normal =(
  • Hi Kali33, I'm sorry for your loss. it sounds like your body is just trying to get back to normal, there's a big change in hormoNed when you come of the pill and then there is a surge again when pregnant so can take a while to get back to normal. After my miscarriage I bled for a week then a few weeks later began spotting for days then got my period and it was really heavy, clots etc. 2 nd one came a bit sooner and was also heavy but not as so just takes time. Our body does weird thinhe sometimes. Hope you get in to proper cycle soon
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