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Could I have miscarried?

Okay so this guy I was seeing and I had sex the day before I ovulated and the condom came off, I was terrified I was pregnant but I was waiting until I missed my period to take a pregnancy test. I started what I think was my period five days early which is EXTREMELY abnormal for me and usually my period is light and only lasts five days tops but this one is really really heavy, like having to change my tampon every 30 minutes heavy (regular size tampons) and now I'm thinking maybe I had a chemical pregnancy but I dont know really since I never took a pregnancy test. Could I get some help?


  • I think the chances are more likely that you have just started your period early. A miscarriage wouldn't be from before your period date and a chemical pregnancy is the same as starting your period and the fertile egg just doesn't implant. I'm not an expect though so please forgive me if I'm wrong. I have had two miscarriages though and they were a couple of weeks after my period would have been due. If you are worried though see your doctor. I had a spell of heavy bleeds that I thought could have been very early miscarriages and they gave me tablets to stop the bleeding. Good luck. X

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