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12 weeks but only showing as 6 with no heartbeat

I am 12 weeks tomorrow with my first baby but had a scan a few days ago the normal ultrascan couldn't find a baby so an hour later I had an internal scan and we found a baby but it only measure as 6 weeks, they don't if I have miscarriaged. But I got a poistive test 8 weeks ago I haven't had any major cramps or bleeding but have been spotting for a week which isn't much just a stain if anything I'm so confused as this is my first baby wouldn't I know by know if I have lost my little bundle of joy image I took a test and it still comes up as positive and my bump has grew every week as I was making a scrap book of my pregnancy since 7 weeks? Have all my symptoms still. Could it be possible that I am just not as far has anyone experienced this ? Thanks in advance for any replies xx


  • Hi Stacey.... if you have been testing positive for 8 weeks then your dates arent that far out (if at all). Im very sorry but it sounds like you have had a missed miscarriage... Where the baby stops developing but your body doesn't recognize that & so you don't start to actually miscarry. I had this with my first pregnancy... Found out at 9 weeks that my baby had died around 6 weeks.

    your doctor should be discussing options with you now re: how to help your body through the miscarriage once it is confirmed. They will probably want to confirm either with another scan or a quantitative hcg blood test (2 tests to measure hcg levels 48hours apart... If the numbers go down then this is confirmation of the miscarriage).

    im so sorry for your loss... If you want to talk more or want info on what will happen next please know that i am here for you.


  • Im really sorry to hear this Stacey hun. I too had a missed miscarriage a few months ago and found out at 9 weeks that although my body still thought i was preg, there was no baby as it had died so early on that it couldnt even be seen in a ultrasound. It was my first pregnancy too and i was completely heartbroken.

    You should get back in touch with the hospital now to decide on the next course of action, unless you want to wait until your body recognises that you have miscarried - which could take days or weeks.

    If you continue to take preg tests they will keep showing up positive as your body is still convinced your preg - which makes it so much harder on you so i am truly sorry you have to go through this.

    Thoughts are with you.



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