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second miscarraige

unfortunately i suffered a second miscarraige two weeks ago.. i was 4weeks the first time and 6/7weeks the second time i miscarried. i passed both pregnancies naturally so i did not have to undergo a D&C.. my second miscarriage required an over night stay in the hospital as i was bleeding very heavily (soaking a pad every 15/20minz..)my partner and i decided to have intercourse last night for the first time after the m/c as the bleeding stopped over 3 days ago,, we used a condom but afterwards i found myself bleeding not heavily but enough to make me worried. today i have light brown spotting. now i am just so scared that i have damaged myself in some way and i am refusing to let my partner near me as i am so worried and confused.. have i had intercourse too soon? please some one give me advice on what may have caused  the bleeding.. thank

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