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Don't know what to do...

Hello - after some advice after really feel bad ve been "left" by gp Three weeks ago Monday I started to bleed - I'd only just found out I was pregnant as only just due and had a very faint positive. Go confirm I was definately pregnant as did s blood test but advised I was probably mis carrying. I have been steadily loosing blood since - not as much on my heavy period days but still a steady flow. Tonight I've done another pregnancy test and shows positive 2-3 weeks. Could this mean I am ep topic? What should I do? Is there anything that can be done? Could I still be pregnant?? Help Many thanks J xx


  • i would go to a&e if bleeding is heavy or bad, othere wise get booked back into the doctors let them know your still getting positive test and they are getting stronger even tho your still bleeding, ask for more blood tests to see if levels are going up and ask for an early scan xxx

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