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2nd mmc this year

I had a very complex mmc earlier in the year that persisted for 10 weeks after diagnosis including failed medical and surgical routes.

found out I was pregnant again in August and had reassurance scans which showed baby developing well with a strong heartbeat then on Thursday night I had a light bleed completely out of the blue - went for scan and found my babies heart had stopped beating a few days before resulting in another mmc.

Due to see consultant on Tuesday to discuss options but am so low at the moment I just don't want to carry on.  I don't think I am strong enough to cope with a repeat of earlier this year and definitely don't feel strong enough to try pregnancy again even though I am desperate for another baby.

has anyone else been through something similar?


  • hi huni im so sorry to read this,

    i have a boy of 2 years and last year i lost 2 in a row, 

    1st m/c was lost around 6-8 weeks and happened july, then found out i was pregnant again and was over the moon until december i started with a light bled like you, i had already had an early scan and was told baby had a heart beat and was spot of for dates, so was sent for another scan and was told mid december baby was still there but had not grown but his/her heart rate was slowing down, i went back on the 23rd december when i should have been 10-12 weeks and was told baby had died image it was what felt like the end of the world for me so was booked in on the 24th of december for a d&c i just couldnt go over the xmas period knowing the baby i had inside of me was no longer living.

    this feb i found out i was pregnant again....and im now almost 37 weeks!

    i was told that 1 m/c effects loads of ladies each year, then to go on and have another effects a much less percentage of ladies some thing like 3% out of 100, and to go on to have a 3rd in a row after already having a child is very uncommon.

    i know it might sound hard at the moment but try and stay strong, its not easy i know....if it wasnt for my son i think it would have been enough to push me over the edge, i cried for days none stop, blamed myself and the whole world but i knew i had to carry on for my son.

    im here if you want to talk, i did carry on taking folic acid from the day i had my d&c im not sure if it helped or not to fall again this year but i like to think it helped.

    please dont fight this alone we are here to talk when ever you need to xxxxxx 

  • Oh hun. I am so sorry you are going through this. Any mc is heartbreaking but when you suffer recurrent mc it's deverstating. But please give yourself time to grieve,dwell what ever it may be..... It will get better and you will want to try again and you will feel stronger and more positive about things.... Just not now!!! It took me almost three years to actually deal with three recurrent mc and I mean deal with them honestly...... I had some awful low times and some brave face times...... But after some counselling I finally was able to deal with everything and move on.... Not forget..... But cope!!!

    I had three mc over three years and was giving up hope of ever having a baby..... Then pregnancy number four gave me my now not so little two year old princess and pregnancy five is 12+4 and all well.....

    Your risk of mc again are no higher after two than after one.... Unfortunately that is how common it is to have two...... Sad but true.....

    Just allow yourself time..... I know the only cure for the pain is a healthy baby.... But don't put pressure on yourself right now......

    I will keep everything crossed that you get through this awful time and that there are brighter happier times ahead for you xx
  • Thank you Sarah and Chip this is my 3rd misc in total and as age is not on my side (i will be 38 in December) I am wondering if that could be a factor.

    So far apart from mild period pain there is no sign of it coming away so we will just have to see what the consultant has to say on Tuesday.

    Sarah good luck hon you haven't got long left now. Xx
  • I am 38 in February...... So we sound in very similar situations. Have you had any testing done? I was referred to Liverpool women's hospital all my tests came back clear.... Could find no reason for the losses but after a positive test they gave me extra strength folic acid and hcg injections and with that treatment had two successful pregnancies!!!!!
  • No i am seeing the consultant on tuesday and hope to discuss testing then. Although am unsure if they will agree as I already have 2 children.
  • Arrrggghhh - sorry need a rant. So i saw the consultant yesterday who agreed to karyotyping but was very reluctant to agree to an erpc. Instead he tried to push me to have medical management again - i did explain that having 2 failed attempts at this lasts time meant i absolutely 100% did not want to go down this path so then told me i would have to wait a further week for an erpc and if things happen spontaneously then i need to retain everything passed so so they can do the testing.

    He didn't seem to understand that emotionally walking around for another week i couldn't cope and nor do i want to pass my baby at home esp when i am at an increased risk of haemorrhage.

    Eventually he agreed to put me on someone elses list for tomorrow but did tell me it would probably be cancelled. It would appear my only other option is to go private but i can't afford a couple of thousand pounds!

    I feel so let down by the system

    And my consultant who was wonderful last time doesn't seem to care in the slightest this time.
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