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Help, so confused!

Hello, hoping someone can help me, I'm so confused. Don't know what's going on. My husband and I decided to try for baby number three and last month my period didn't arrive, took a home pregnancy test and it was positive. A few weeks later I still didn't feel pregnant, no sickness, no sore boobs, no aversions, nothing. So I took another test to reassure myself that it was actually happening. Unfortunately it was negative and so were three others, different brands, different times of the day. Logic tells me that the pregnancy hormone is reducing and I'm going to miscarry but research says that the hormone won't completely leave my body till after I've actually miscarried. But I've had no bleeding at all. I should be eight weeks today. The early pregnancy unit at the hospital says they won't see me at all since I've had a negative test, even though I had a positive one and no bleeding since. I have an appointment with the GP tomorrow afternoon. I just don't know what's happening. I'm pretty sure I will miscarry according to all the evidence (4 negative tests and no pregnancy symptoms) but why am I not bleeding or cramping and why are the tests negative if I've not actually miscarried yet??? Please someone shed some light. Thanks
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