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Hi all,

I found out i was pregnant at 6 weeks, i went to the hospital for a scan and everything was perfect and baby was developing great! I began to get brown gewy discharge on my underware at 11 weeks and went to the hospital to make sure everything was ok but unfortunately the scan showed baby stopped growing at 6 weeks and 1 day but their was a slight heartbeat so i was sent home to come back in 10 days but was told that i was going to miscarry. My heart was broken as this was my first baby and wasn't planned so we had time to get used to the idea and began to get excited. I started to bleed after 8 day's so i returned to the hospital they told me it was normal and to come back a day later for a scan and i did so, i was told on that day i was having a missed miscarriage and was sent home again to be told return back in 10 days and talk about options but on the night i was sent home i got terrible pains and had to be brought to hospital and stayed their for 3 days while i had to have a d&c. I am still in a lot of shock over what happened but i am really hoping to get pregnant again soon even though it sounds absolutely crazy , can anybody tell me is it possible to get pregnant straight after a missed miscarriage and carry my baby for the 9 months or would i be at risk of a miscarriage again? 



  • I'm so sorry for your loss, I lost 2 babies last year July and December but found out I was pregnant again feb this year I'm now 38 weeks and going to be induced next Monday.

    It can happen again quickly and loads of ladies have a d&c and never have a period before falling pregnant again, it can happen.

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