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Possibly having a Miscarriage

my Period was due 10/9/14, it never came. I took a at home pregnancy test on 10/12/13 and it had positive results. on 10/13/14 I had light dark red spotting so i went to the E.R. the doctor told me based of my BETA levels (which is 69 and very low) I might be having a "threatened miscarriage" When i was at the E.R. they did and internal scan and found nothing wrong but they couldnt see a baby because i was too earl in pregnancy they say about 1 - 2 weeks pregnant. on 10/14/14 the bleeding started to get heavier to the point i had to switch from wearing a panty liner to a pad but it wasnt that much bleeding to fill up the pad and the blood was bright red. today 10/15/14 the bleeding it is like a light period but its on and off and switching from bright red to dark red. i have had no pains at all and just tiny clots when i wipe also my symptoms are slowly going away. I have an appointment with my OB today at 2pm. I think i am having a miscarriage this will be number 5 of my recurring miscarriages. I was just wanted others opinions because my mother had this problem when she was pregnant with me but im still worried but im hoping for the best... I will keep you all updated. Thanks for reading and responding!!!


  • UPDATE: Just went to the bathroom and a lot of blood and a big clot came out still no pain i assume it was the sac. Still waiting on my appointment. I'll share another update later.


  • Sorry to hear you are going through this Gemini... If you need to talk then people are here for you... Many (like myself) who have been through miscarriages too so understand what you are going through x

  • UPDATE: Seen the doctor and got my results. My BETA levels dropped 2 points. I have to do more blood work on monday....

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