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Help so confused Sad and worried

imageHI, I just don't even know what to think anymore.  Im probably miscarring.... I am spotting and then started spotting more the next day.  Went to the doctor. did and U/A both probe and stomach  and to our surprise after two hours was told that they found three sacs.  Nothing in them however so to early to tell! So then do HCG testing all week Monday Wednesday and today Friday.  The call from the nurse today said  that I has been going down slowly the whole time.  I am now at 2600.  (GOOD or BAD)  also I am having a bit more blood when I pee now.  and so my next U/A is Wednesday like five days away ugh.  I don't Know what To do!!  Is it just waiting till I miscarry now or would doing nothing help. or live life as normal.  I help my husband farm and am a steakhouse waitress.  doctor gave me a weight restriction not to lift more than 10 pounds.  feel so in limbo.  PRAY PRAY PRAY is what I do.  not knowing nothing is so hard........

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