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Anyone been through the same? miscarriage or not?

Hi all, I'm new to this site... at 4 weeks pregnant I started bleeding and my hcg levels wasn't doubling although they were rising. Last Thursday (5weeks) I had an internal scan they found the baby's heartbeat and measured it at 1.6 mm. Today I had a scan (6weeks) and found no heartbeat but measured at 2.4 mm. The ecu hasn't told me much except to go back next week for another scan, incase it was in awkward position or to confirm m/c. I don't understand how the baby has grown and they suspect a m/c. Surely the baby would need a heartbeat to grow?? I'm absolutely confused over this. It's only been 2 hours, how do they expect me to wait a week? Has anyone been through this? What was your outcome? Also does anyone know how much is normal growth in a week at 5/6 weeks pregnant. I am still bleeding but not heavy. And since my first scan they haven't tested my hcg levels again


  • Jane, I wish I could help, I didn't want to read and run. I have had 2 miscarriages, however mine were a little further along 10 and 11 +6 weeks). I hope it was just a bad angle to see the heartbeat.

    With my 2nd miscarriage I had to wait for over a week to receive confirmation that my baby had died. The ultrasound tech saw no heartbeat, but they could not at the time tell me the baby was gone because she was not a Dr and there was no Dr in the office!! It took 10 days for me to hear the official report that my baby had died. I didn't start miscarrying naturally until 13 weeks.

    I truly hope for the best for you and wish I could be more help
  • Thanks for your reply, the waiting is killing me. Sorry to hear of your miscarriage's. At my scan it was a doctor who just kept repeating "I'm not convinced". Hopefully I'll get to find out on Thursday. And keeping everything crossed that they find the heartbeat.
  • Hi Jane

    My story is pretty much the same as yours 2 years ago I had a mc at 6 weeks started bleeding went to the epu and they scanned me and baby was fine they see a heartbeat and it gave us hope. That evening I passed something and we went straight back to the hospital and let them know of what I had passed . They have me an internal examination and said cervix were shut so definitely not a mc. They said they could scan me in 2 weeks!! We left that hospital me and hubby with hope!!! We decided not to wait and went for a private scan the next day to be told that I had lost the baby and I had passed it . What I'm saying is don't wait for news go and pay for a private scan you can get them done so cheaply now even if its for peace of mind that everything's still ok. I don't no where you live or country but the nhs here is crap ! If it is the uk you live in some mothercare stores now do scanning x best of luck and hope everything is fine xx
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