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Needing confirmation!

Hiya, I'm new to this sort of thing, but really need to hear if anyone has the same sort of story as me!

me and my partner trying for a baby, had one healthy pregnancy and birth have a lovely little boy! Recently I was feeling unusual, and went to see my GP who said is there any chance I could be pregnant I wasn't sure so she tested, it was positive!

good news! Apart from i had some very light bleeding, mild mild pain and a small dark red clot. got sent to the hospital, had examination, cervix was closed, and my levels of hcg were high, was told to go back in two days and have more bloods, they had dropped to 400 and something, I took this as bad news.:(

i would of only been 1-2 weeks at most 2!

came home, not had any bleeding or pain since but boobs hurt, no period, and tummy very swollen and hard, still feel pregnant, my test still says positive, been told to do another test next wednesday! 

what I'm asking is has this happened to anyone and they were still pregnant? As I wonder if I still am, no one has actually confirmed ive miscarried?

any stories comments would be great! Sitting in limbo is driving me mad!

thank you x

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