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Miscarried 4 weeks ago, is it possible I'm pregnant again??

Hi everyone, this is my first post so I hope it's right.
I have had a miscarriage roughly 4 weeks ago and I have done 2 PG tests since and both are faint but easily visible positives. I have had a scan to confirm that all of the materials from the miscarriage have passed out of my body. I have been using the contraceptive patch as well because I wanted to plan my next baby as the 1st was a surprise. I will be very happy if I am pregnant again and my partner and I are very prepared. Lost my 1st baby at 7 weeks 4 days it stopped growing. Please help!


  • It is possible... But its also quite possible that you still have hcg in your body from the last pregnancy as it can take a few weeks for it all to get out of your system. I would suggest you test again every few days... If the line gets fainter then it is just leftover hcg... If it gets darker... Then congrats you are pregnant again.

  • Thanks SW2, that's a good plan:) I've ordered 10 test strips and they're on their way so I can test a few times

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