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Brown Discharge, 1 miscarriage already

Hi I'm very new to this and not very down with all the pregnancies words! 

I'm 22 and my partner is 25. This is my 2nd pregnancy and the first was 7 months ago and ended in a miscarriage. I had brown blood/discharge on and off for at week at 6 weeks and then at 7 weeks after a scan I had a miscarriage. They said the baby stopped growing at 4 weeks. 

I'm now 4 nearly 5 weeks pregnant and the brown bleeding/Discharge has happened again. I've been bleeding for 2 1/2 days and it's on and off but seems lighter. The doctor said it's all old blood and there's none on my womb or something, and it's not fresh blood. I'm having my bloods taken next week which I'm anxious about as it's very similar to my last pregnancy image I'm feeling very depressed and was wondering if this has happened to anyone else? 



  • Forgot to add if anyone has gone on to have a successful pregnancy from having this happen to them or if the worst is happening if they've had a healthy pregnancy after 2 miscarriages? 

  • Hi muzza... i know how horrible the worrying is... But please try to trust your doctor... It is right that at 4/5 weeks what you are probably seeing is implantation spotting. Its not very much & is brown (which means old)... So all that is a sign that it could be ok.

    most mc's are due to random genetic errors.... So having had 1 miscarriage doesn't even raise your risk at all of another compared to someone who's never had one.

    I myself did unfortunately have 2 mc's in a row...l but am now 6 weeks pregnant again with my third & keeping everything crossed for this one.

    to reassure you... I have heard MANY stories from women who went on to have healthy babies after 1 or even multiple mc's..l so it does happen. Try to hold on to the fact that the odds are definitely in your favour that this one will work out x 

  • The doctor said that it could well be implantation bleeding, but I'm putting 2 and 2 together! I suffer a lot from depression and anxiety so I always assume the worst! I am really hoping things are going to go well and this is completely normal like the doctor said but she said the same thing last time. I just go round in circles! 

    My friends sister had 1 child then had 2 miscarriages she fell quickly after the 2nd miscarriage and now has a little girl so I know things can change, but as I've never had a child it's always a fear!  

    Are you taking anything extra this time? 

    Thank you for your reply! I really do hope everything goes ok for you this time! X

  • After my 2nd mc i had lots of tests (which showed up nothing wrong with me) but my specialist did give me progesterone supplements which i started taking after ovulation & will continue taking through my 1st trimester. The evidence is patchy on whether or not progesterone actually helps prevent a mc but there are lots of anicdotal stories that say it can... & my doctor said it does no harm to use it so he was happy to prescribe. The medical world is very split on their opinions of it though & many doctors will not prescribe it... Especially if you've only had the one mc which is sadly so very common,

    i understand how worried you are... I really do... But chances are this one will be fine. Its good that they are re-checking your bloods so you will see if your hcg levels are rising as they should. Make sure they also get you in for an early scan to reassure you. I just had my first scan yesterday at 6.0 weeks & could see a heartbeat so hopefully if you can do the same that will help to put your mind at ease.... Although its mot a guarantee (i still lost my second at 9 1/2 weeks after seeing heartbeat in scans at 6 & 8 weeks)... Once a heartbeat is seen the chances of mc drop dramatically from the standard 15-20% down to less than 5% at 6 weeks & less than 3% at 8 weeks.

    hope this helps to reassure you x

  • Also of course I'm taking pre-natal vitamins... If your not taking those yet you should start straight away

  • I've been taking Folic acid since September and I changed to I think it's seven seas trying for a baby which had the Folic acid in it until I found out and then swapped back to Folic acid again. I feel very different with this one but don't know if it's good or bad!  

    If the worst happens I will be asking for the progesterone, I've heard that and aspirin have quite good success stories. Sorry I sound so depressing but it's so hard for me to positively about myself!

    Thank you again image x

  • Hi Muzza, just thought I'd share as I've gone through this a few weeks ago! I had brown spotting for 2 weeks, kept going for blood tests and finally had a scan last weekend and saw a little heartbeat. I too had spotting in my last pregnancy which ended in MMC so I was convinced it was game over. I now haven't had any spotting for 4 weeks (touch wood!) - hopefully you'll find the spotting stops and you can ask for an early scan, good luck xx

  • I think I've started miscarrying during the night image my fiancé has taken the day off to make sure I'm ok. I'm surprisingly calm about it but I just want to prevent it happening again some how. I have blood tests tomorrow and will hopefully see my doctor and see what she says. 

    Thank you for your reply lou, it's lovely to hear the positive messages and that it doesn't always mean it's over in every case. I hope you continue to have a healthy pregnancy image 

    Are you taking any extra things this time? Xx

  • Just to add my experience, I had 3 previous mc that started with brown discharge, I then become pregnant again and had the same thing at approx 4/5 weeks, given my history I presumed it was all over again...but I'm now 21 weeks pregnant and find out if it's blue or pink tomorrow.

    please don't lose hope hun, it could just be baby getting comfy and bedding in! Xx

  • I honestly think things are over this time, I've had bad cramps and what looks like a heavy period image 

    Nikkak how long did you wait to try again? Are you taking anything extra? Feel bad asking you all these questions just want give myself the best start once we try again.

    I'm glad you're having a better pregnancy aswell and hope things go well for you image it's lovely to hear these positive messages gives me hope image xx

  • And thank you for your reply aswell! xx

  • Aww hun I really hope it's not the case, my first 3 mc I fell within a couple of months of each one but on this occasion although we tried straight away I didn't fall for a good 8 months.

    as I have had 3 miscarriages I had test done that turned out I have a clotting disorder so I have to inject fragmin and take baby asprin everyday but apart from the asprin I didn't start injecting until after 12 weeks as I thought it was over due to the spotting, and booked a private scan when i didn't mc naturally and found out all was good! I hope this will be the same for you hun x

  • Oh Muzza I really hope things work out ok for you xxx my sonographer said people assume if it's brown blood then it's ok, if it's red blood it's bad....she said this is so untrue and has seen people have a small amount of spotting and have a mc, whereas some women have a huge bleed and everything is fine. if I were you, I'd insist on a scan so you're 100% sure what's going on. Thinking of you, let me know how you get on.

    i didnt take anything for this pregnancy, I thought I had low progesterone as I've had problems with spotting in my cycles and it's taken a year and a half to conceive since my MMC. Thats why I was convinced I would miscarry (and I am still convinced something will go wrong!) xx

  • Hey I'm new on here I had a miscarriage this may then I got pregnant at the end of July but then I started go get brown discharge a and themy blood then yesterdayI lost 2 lots of clots and now today back to brown how long will it last I was only 2 weeks 

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  • Hi! Could somebody please help me out, I'm very nervous and scared. I had a miscarriage in March at week 7. I had brown discharge which ended up in blood and I miscarried.

    im pregnant again now and I'm at week 6 and only today I saw a brown discharge only when I wipe with a toilet paper. 

    could anyone please write any success stories who have faced brown discharge and have gone to have healthy babies. Thanks! 

  • Hi sha88

    i am 7 weeks pregnant today and on Wednesday i woke my husband in floods of tears as I wiped and there was darkish blood it was there for most of the day when I went to the toilet we rang the hospital and we were booked in for a scan today Friday so they told me to rest and not do anything for the next 2 days! Those 2 days were the slowest days of my life I continued to bleed but it got lighter and eventually was brown water discharge (sorry) the good news is we had a scan today and everything is fine we got to see the heartbeat and baby was measuring just over 9mm I know what your going through that wait was horrendous and stressful! 

    Ring your local early pregnancy centre and get booked in!

    good luck xx

  • Hi muzza, how are you? What was the outcome? Hope you're ok. Xx

  • This is happening to me right now! I'm really worried! :(

  • When I was bleeding (ended up miscarrying), I was in good contact w/my hospital/health provider, they were telling me that some bleeding is okay & to wait until my next appointment. The women I talked to who'd been pregnant before, mostly family friends, told me they had bled a little too, as this was the body getting rid of unusable tissues or blood. I believed them & waited til my appointment- to hear it was a miscarriage. It had started off as light bleeding, then got to being darker & more heavy. I'm not a heavy bleeder normally during periods (I don't build up a thick lining every month) so perhaps this bleeding would be different in another person. I had not been pregnant or had a MC before (or after) this, so this is my only experience. If it is dark, I think that's better than if it was bright red, because dark could mean old unusable blood more likely. Good luck!

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