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Positive Test. Bleeding. Advice please.

Hello all,

Firstly I apologise as I am sure there are already threads like this but I'd like some peace of mind or experiences people can share.

This was my second pregnancy. My first was a breeze and I had a boy. This one I discovered I was pregnant but then about one week later I had an aching feeling like a period...then blood. It wasn't a really heavy period. It was red when I wiped with the smallest bits of clotted blood. After a day or so it lightened and I had no aching feeling. 

I've read so many things online about miscarriages but they vary horrendously to the point what nothing can give any indication of a possible outcome. 

I've assumed I've miscarried (considered 4 weeks although only 2) but I would just like to hear of other people's experiences at around this time. Whether the bleeding still resulted in pregnancy or whether it was a miscarriage and whether you were in pain or not. 

I will be contacting the clinic to arrange a blood test for hcg. 

Thank you kindly. 

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