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Positive Test. Bleeding. Advice please.

Hello all,

Firstly I apologise as I am sure there are already threads like this but I'd like some peace of mind or experiences people can share.

This was my second pregnancy. My first was a breeze and I had a boy. This one I discovered I was pregnant but then about one week later I had an aching feeling like a period...then blood. It wasn't a really heavy period. It was red when I wiped with the smallest bits of clotted blood. After a day or so it lightened and I had no aching feeling. 

I've read so many things online about miscarriages but they vary horrendously to the point what nothing can give any indication of a possible outcome. 

I've assumed I've miscarried (considered 4 weeks although only 2) but I would just like to hear of other people's experiences at around this time. Whether the bleeding still resulted in pregnancy or whether it was a miscarriage and whether you were in pain or not. 

I will be contacting the clinic to arrange a blood test for hcg. 

Thank you kindly. 


  • Hi kb72, I'm so sorry you're having to go through the worry. I've had two miscarriages so I know a little bit about. My first was a lot of heavy bleeding with lots of clots and pains. My second started with light bright red blood and no pain and then gradually a few ours later turned heavy with clots. Sometimes bleeding doesn't always mean a bad thing. You should try and get an early scan as well just to see because from what you've said it doesn't sound as heavy as my bleeding in miscarriage. It could just be implantation bleed and with your dates that would be around the right time. My fingers are crossed for you that all is ok. I've had a small bleed with my current pregnancy which definitely wasn't a miscarriage. It does make you worry but is actually a lot more common than people realise. X

  • Hello. Im so sorry you're going through this. Definitely try to get an appointment to ease your mind. 

    Like you said it varies from person to person so much. with my first pregnancy, I had minimal spotting when using the restroom only. Nothing that filled a panty liner. Three or so days later when I went to the doctor, they said the baby was not there. I had all the lining and yolk sac though. that night I started bleeding lightly and bled for a day before I completely miscarried all the lining. Which was very painful and obvious to me that it was a clear loss. 

    I hope this isn't the case for you. Stay positive, it could just be implantation or old blood possibly. I would try to get into do a scan. Keeps us posted. xx

  • Hi huni sorry your going through this I had 2 m/c in 2013.

    the first was at around 8 weeks and the bleeding lasted 2 weeks before I passed baby and when I did the pain was unreal I couldn't stand or move, heavy bleeding followed by brown and red bleeding.

    the second time I was around 10/12 weeks so had to go into hospital to have baby removed, but 2 weeks before I was having bleeding of brown one day then red the next.

    sorry to be so graphical just wanted to be honest.

    have you tested since your bleed? A lot of ladies do bleed and go on to have a healthy pregnancy and baby, but for me it was not the way it went xxx

  • KB how are you doing? 

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