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I am 22 years old and I had a healthy baby girl who was born 07/09/2012 but since then I have suffered 4 miscarriages in a row #1 mc 8weeks (twins), #2 mc 4weeks, #3 mc 5weeks and #4 mc 4weeks.I have had lots of tears done to see why I keep miscarrying and everything came back perfect except the fact my womb lining doesn't thicken up as much as it should during pregnancy, I have just found out I am five weeks pregnant now but it's a waiting game until I have my blood tests and location scan which will hopefully be next week, I have been prescribed 200mg of cyclogest to be taken once a day and am on 5mg of folic acid, I was just wondering if there is anyone else in my situation that has actually carried there baby after so many miscarriages. I an very anxious about this pregnancy because I really don't think I could stand to lose a fith baby. Any feedback would be much appreciated I just want to know how others have got on with there situations 


  • Hi there Rachel1993. Thank you for posting and sharing with us.

    Congrats on your pregnancy - we've got all our fingers crossed for you.

    There are quite a few women on here who, sadly, have experienced loss after loss, like you. Hopefully, some of them will be along soon to share their experiences and offer you support.

    In the meantime, you might want to check out this long-running miscarriage support thread here – it's full of the most amazing, supportive posts – and some pretty amazing women (some pregnant again, some not).

  • Thank-you HelenMFM I will have a read through it xx

  • Hi Rachel. So sorry to hear of your losses. I know how heartbreaking miscarriages can be. My first 2 pregnancies ended in miscarriage (1st was a mmc which we found out at 9 weeks, 2nd we lost a 9 1/2 weeks after a healthy scan at 8 weeks). I know the great sense of loss mc's bring & also the great fear that being pregnant again can cause... It steals that joy of being pregnant again.

    well... I just wanted to reassure you (hope to anyway)... Like you i had all sorts of tests after my second loss to see if there was any cause... No cause could be found. Like you I was prescribed progesterone 200mg daily to take from 3dpo until 12 weeks pregnant. I am now 20 weeks pregnant  with a healthy & lively little boy! I really do feel that the progesterone made the difference & I have heard lots of stories from other women who have had positive results from using progesterone... It helps to thicken the womb lining & improve blood flow to the uterus so both of these things help to support our babies until the placenta is up & running properly.

    honestly, the fear will be with you for a long time yet... It really is only in the past week or so (since my 20 week scan last week) that I gave started to feel a little more confident that i'll get to bring this baby home....but best advice I can give is to just take it one day, & one victory at a time.... Getting to the 'week change' markers, getting past the point of previous mc's, getting to the1st, 2nd, 3rd scan etc. just take it in tiny steps. Also, if it will help, once you get a little further along you could get a doppler to use at home. You can get them at a very reasonable price & I was able to to hear my baby's heartbeat from 9+3. It really helped when I was having an anxious day to be able to pop it on & have a quick listen to the heartbeat.

    finally... Use the support you have around you... Your partner, friends, family & doctor...communicate any & all feelings / worries so you're not carrying that burden alone.

    good luck Rachel x

  • Thank-you SW2 you have helped reassure me a little bit am now 5+5 and so far so good still I've had my bloods done to see when I can have a scan but they seem to be having a little trouble tracking them down. But am keeping everything crossed that my scan will be next week and that I can hopefully see everything is okay, I still have all my pregnancy symptoms so that's the only thing letting me know that everything's alright at the moment because I have noticed with my other miscarrages that my symptoms stopped once the pregnancy did. I just want to know what my bloods are at the moment because my HCG doesn't usually get over 28 mUi so am very nervous for the results xxx

  • Hi Rachel1993. I am afraid I can't offer you reassurance, but I face a very similar situation to you. I have a beautiful healthy 3 year old, but since then i have had 4 (so far unexplained mc's) in a row. I am currently passing the 4th. I know what a fearful & anxious time it is being pregnant after this heartbreak. All the joyful innocence & excitement is stolen from you. I am praying everything goes well for you this time. I can definitely relate to how you must be feeling right now and know you will be wishing the weeks forward. I hope you get that early scan soon & it gives you amazing news. You will be in my thoughts & if you ever need to vent I am here.Xx

  • Thank-you manyclouds but unfortunately I've now got five miscarriages behind me because the same thing happened again so it looks like the medication hasn't worked. It's putting alot of strain on my relationship, all my fiancé wants is kids and am terrified am never gonna be able to give them to him. I have been referred back to the hospital for more tests to see if they can give me something else to stop this happening again xxx 

  • So sorry to hear that Rachel x

  • Hi Rachel1993. I am so so sorry to hear this has happened to you again image Sorry for my delayed reply. I finally passed the mc at home & at hospital. The tissue is being sent for testing again. I also get test results next week. I hope you and your fiance are doing as well as you can be. Try not to worry that you will never have more kids. I know I can't say you definitely will, but you are in such a similar situation to me. And I genuinely believe we can again as long we don't give up. And you are also so young & still have so much time for things to change, you will end up with more than you ever dreamed. I am not going to ttc again until I find out if they have found any reason (sounds like something has shown up as they can't tell me over the phone). I just keep looking at my beautiful child knowing my body did it before, so why could it not do it again at some point? Look at your child every time you doubt yourself. What testing have you had done so far?xxx

  • Just to update. I have had my test results and all has come back normal for my husband and I. Simply told to roll the dice ans try again until it works. So we begin again. Hope you are doing ok Rachel1993 x

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