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Am I having a miscarriage?

Hi everyone,

My husband and I have been trying for two years. We conceived a year ago but I miscarried at approx 8 weeks. I have been diagnosed with a polycystic ovary and endometriosis and was about to have a laparoscopy but I found out I was pregnant. Due to my history, I had an early scan yesterday at 7.5 weeks (this was an abdominal scan, not a vaginal scan). They said the baby was measuring at 7 weeks and the sac seemed small for that age but said not to worry as there is a heartbeat. Four hours later I started bleeding. Today I am still bleeding. It's only really spotting and is pinky brown, which I know suggests it's old blood, but this is how my miscarriage started last year. I had two days of brown spotting before having a heavy red bleed. The early pregnancy unit said to come back in two weeks as there's nothing they can do right now as I only had a scan yesterday, but said to go back if I bleed heavier than a period.

Do you guys think I'll be ok as we saw a heartbeat yesterday? I'm so upset and worried. I'm trying to rest and eat and drink healthily still but I just feel so sad image

Thanks to anyone who can help!


  • I know nobody replied to me, but incase anyone wants to know, I have miscarried

  • So sorry to hear this mumwannabe! Also so sorry no one has replied to you! 

    Really hope you are as well as can be which I'm sure you're probably feeling very down. 

    Sending you lots of hugs at this time


  • Hi, iv just read ur post so thought I would reply just to say I'm very sorry for ur loss, these threads r great for support or just to let off steam, don't give up.xx

  • I'm sorry it's ended this way too, I did read your post a few days ago but couldn't reply as I was waiting to be moved over from another forum. x

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