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Little Intro on my situation :)


I have come over from the Mumdrum and just wanted to introduce myself, I will be appearing on the this board I expect as well as the TTC forum image 

I am CC - 26 married to Mr CC (30). 

I have had two late miscarriages - One at 19+1 With my son Jack in Dec 2013 and one at 20+6 in Aug 2014 with my son William.

My first miscarriage is unknown what caused it, My second they think it was an infection. 

We are gearing up to try one final time to be parent's.

I am sorry that you find yourselves here, But hoping to come and join you and support you as best as I can image 


  • Lots of love to you CC. Pleased to see you hear x

  • Oops meant to say here! Can't see any way of editing my post sorry x

  • Thank you image 

    I don't think you can edit- Which will be a pain in the butt my spelling is terrible haha!. 

    I am excited and nervous all at the same time! 

  • Hello Chocolate Cupcake and Purple Star, just wanted to pop by and say welcome to MadeForMums.

    So sorry to hear of your losses Chocolate Cupcake, truly terrible, but you are amongst great people here. Wishing you very best ttc again.

    Hiya Purple Star, welcome! We don't have an edit post facility, as we found when we did, if someone deleted a post in a thread, it tended to cause confusion and the thread didn't read properly. But if you do need anything amended or deleted, please just hit report on the post and we'll take care of that for you.

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