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should I be worried?

I am just 8weeks pregnant. I havent had that much symptoms...apart from bloating sever nauseous and and strong smell makes my stomach turn. It's my first child. I've felt like this since I found out I was pregnant, and now I'm seriously stressing out, I woke up today feeling very normal, and not feeling 'pregnant' if that makes any sense?!.. I don't want to talk to my partner about it as he will only think I'm worrying too much, I've had back pains al All through this evening they have gone again, no bleeding or anything but I'm still very worried something may be wrong?. Should I contact my GP, or hope everything will be fine... I just can't rest thinking something is wrong!? Sorry for ranting just need some advice thanks xx 


  • Well I wouldn't worry too much. I'm sure all is fine. I guess the symptom all pregnant woman have and can't "not have" is sore breasts with all the changes that go on with them.

  • On the contrary NewMommy Ashley - I had sore breasts when pregnant with DD but this time around didn't have any soreness whatsoever so I think it depends on the woman. Each pregnancy is different just as all women and all babies are different.

    Some days I have felt very not pregnant, and others very pregnant, and that has been throughout pregnancies. I was very lucky in that I didn't have morning sickness with either pregnancy so in early pregnancy I often went days and days without feeling anything - I just felt very normal. 

    I'm sure that everything is absolutely fine, but if you are worried you can always contact your GP/midwife. The likelihood is that they will tell you that unless you are experiencing pain (beyond the usual cramps - which can be quite strong at times!) or bleeding, then it's nothing to worry about x

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