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heart beat at ultrasound

On Wednesday I went to my first on appointment. According to my last period I was 9 weeks 2 days. Baby measured 9 weeks 2 days without a doubt. Everything looked fine except Dr couldn't detect a HB on ultrasound. I heard sometimes it can take till 11 or 12 weeks to see and hear the heart beat depending on positioning of baby and uterus. Has anyone else had this problem? 


  • Hi monksmama. It is true that with dopplers the heartbeat cannot be detected until a little later but with ultrasound it would be easily visible (I'm so sorry to say). Last year when i had my second mc i was 9w3d when the er scanned me... Baby was measuring spot on but no heartbeat so had only just died (will never know if the bleed caused baby to die or baby's death caused the bleed but it seems to have happened at the same time). Because they couldn't detect a heartbeat with the abdominal scan they did a transvaginal one to be sure (that can detect a heartbeat very accurately from 6 weeks... As it did with my current pregnancy). With the vaginal scan they still could not see a heartbeat so confirmed that my little one had just very recently passed away.

    what did your doctor tell you? Did they do a vaginal scan or an abdominal scan?. Are you going back for a repeat scan & / or bloods (hcg levels) to check for sure? 

    I would love to be able to say this was going to be ok for you hun but i think you do definitely need to prepare yourself for the fact that it is likely you are miscarrying.

    please keep posting if you want to talk more.

    sending hugs x

  • He didn't tell me to.come back. The Drwas kind of an idiot. He tried saying iI was 12 weeks becausehe refused to count from my laat period and was counting from my april.

  • wow that ridiculous!!! Well what was his plan if he is saying you are miscarrying? Did he send you home to wait for it to happen naturally or suggest medical intervention?. He can't just tell you what he did then send you home with no plan?!!!!!

    can you go see another doctor?. 

  • He called in a script for cytotec

  • I took cytotec with my first mc. It took about 7/8 hours for the contractions to start after the first dose. The contractions were excruciatingly painful so make sure you have some strong pain meds too before you take the cytotec. If the doc didn't prescribe you any i would call him & get some.... Something like oxycodone or vicadin (I was prescribed both of those). Also you will bleed heavily once it starts so be prepared for that... It is normal. If however you fill more than a pad an hour for 2 hours or you get a fever then you need to get medical help straight away.

    as your doc seemed so rubbish do you feel confident re: the diagnosis? If you don't trust him 100% then you should get a second opinion so that you can be sure that the baby has died before you take the cytotec. You could either ask for a repeat scan (ask for a transvaginal) or get them to do a quantitative blood test... 2 blood tests 48 hours apart to meadure your hcg (pregnancy hormone) levels. If the numbers drop over the 48 hours then that is confirmation of the miscarriage & you can be sure that that is the right decision to take the meds. 

  • No I don't trust my Dr at all.  Still no bleeding or cramping no loss of symptoms  i am hoping that I can find a new Dr for a second opinion. I have had multiple miscarriages and I knew something was wrong. My gut is telling me there there's nothing wrong

  • Yes definitely speak with another doctor then. Keep us posted x

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