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petrified please can someone help me

this might be a long one but will try and keep just to the facts....

i went into hospital 5 weeks ago querying ectopic pregnancy as i had all the symptoms and was havin severe pain and spotting i was told that it was possible id had a miscarriage and was also advised that i should take some antibiotics as there was a slight infection in my pelvis...came home rested for 2 days got my head together as best as i could and tried to move on from the ordeal i have a 12 year old daughter already and needed to focus on her.......My last monthly period was 18th June 2011 apart from 2 days of spotting in July when in hospital....

then on Thursday(18th aug) my period still hadnt arrived so though i would just see and was very shocked when the test was positive made an appointment the next day with my doctor who sent off another urine sample for confirmation was told the results would be back by Monday... Sunday evening got the same lower abdominal pain again like i had last month but NO bleeding or spotting so back the hospital i went where i had further bloods done and pregnancy confirmed they kept me in overnight and had a ultrasound scan the next morning the sonographer seemed very confused as she could only see the gestational sac and nothing else the trouble is nobody knows how far along i should be because of the missed period last month and i was also told that i had not had a miscarriage it was possibly implantation bleeding ???? my hormone levels are 3852 and was told there is a chance this pregnancy might not be VIABLE as there is only a gestational sac visible on the scan all i keep hearing is this word VIABLE and Miscarriage im absolutely petrified i thought i had lost a baby last month and now face losing one this month for real im 33 years old and as much as im trying to relax and not get stressed its causing arguments between me and my partner cos he is so optimistic and im the pessimistic one in the relationship i know i only got to wait 24 hours till i get the result they have said if my hormone levels increase by 60% then the pregnancy is viable if not then the pregnancy has already failed and further action will need to be taken.........PLEASE IS THERE ANYBODY ELSE WHO HAS BEEN TOLD THIS AND WHAT HAPPENED I JUST WANT SOMEOME TO TALK TOO ABOUT IT COS IM READY TO START CRYING AND PROBABLY NEVER STOP ....... We have been trying for a baby for so long and the thought of it bein taken away is slowly killing me inside im not a religious person but it found myself with my hand on my slight bump and praying for a healthy baby


  • Aw, I hope everything goes ok for you. When I was pregant with out second daughter I had a lot of pain at the early stages but they wouldn't send me for a scan because they said it would be too early to see anything and to wait it out. I have huge amounts of bleeding to the point I got ready and went to do my shopping only to have to abandon my trolley 20 mins in cos I has started to bleed through my jeans. I was terrified too and the doctors did the blood tests and said it was the only way to tell for sure. They did the first lot of bloods which wasn't too optimistic but the second lot a few days later was much better. it was only then they sent me for a scan. I know it's really hard but try and stay positive as much as you can. I know it's hard when people are saying it's going to be fine and there is no way of knowing yet. Try and bite your lip as much as you can and take the cuddles they offer instead. Agruing is only going to make you feel worse at a hard time. Remember there are always people on this page for support. It's sometimes easier then talking to people you know. Let us know how you get on with your latest lot of bloods. I hope everything works out well. Lots of love to you.

    Sym  xx

  • Thank you for your kind message had a phone call this morning from the early pregnany unit i had to go yesterday to have some more blood tests and they wanted to see a 60% improvement in my hormone levels to make the pregnancy viable my results came back with a 54% increase which is good least its gone up and they booked me in for a scan tomorrow morning so they can have a look at whats going on with the pregnancy will keep you informed. thanks again

    ange xxx

  • Hiya, I had early bleeding wiv my last pregnacy and he's now 21 months! I know its very scary but chances r you'll be fine, if your hormone levels are increasing then that gr8, if it was a miscarriage they would be decreasing ( i've had 2 miscarriages) they probably could'nt see baby yet as too early. I really hope everything goes well for you I do know exactly how you feel. Also the pain is COMPLETELY NORMAL lots of women worry if they DONT get any pain. Let me know how things go 2moro All the best Jodie x
  • That's great news with hormone levels. That's a big increase. Are you feeling a bit better after hearing the results? I know you'll still be worried until you see for yourself tomorrow.  I had never been so excited over the smallest flicker on the monitor. I'm sure things are going to be going much better from now on. Good luck and keep us posted. Big hugs. xx

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