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How long will my hcg levels take to go back down??

Hello everyone. I found out I was pregnant on the thurs 9th of July. I was concerned as I had a coil fitted two years ago. Went to see a doc the next day who took my bloods booked me in for a scan for the Monday. The sonnographer could not find anything in my womb but did see a 25mm fluid lump just outside my right ovary. I was told my hcg leaves were only 580. Which meant nothing to me. And the doctors words were are you happy that either way there won't be a pregnancy I have rather miscarried or its ectopic. They took my bloods but 72hrs apart and hcg was 1100 so had doubled but not quick enough, I felt fine had to go back 48hrs for more blood tests, within that time I started to get pregnancy symptoms sore boobs and tired but I also strated to bleed not bad just watery (sorry tmi) I had bloods my levels then dropped to 780 so was told definetely miscarriage but they will monitor it back down to below 5. 

A week later they have gone down to 670 an another week 630 have more tamo. Is it normal for them to drop this low and no one has mentioned the fluid lump if it was not ectopic is it normal to have a lump that size near my ovary?? so much goin on I still have pregnancy symptoMs but I have a constant ache in my stomach I know in not going to have a baby bit just feel like I'm dealing with so much I have been bleeding constant for 3 weeks now not heavy but I'm fed up of it I feel dirty, they havnt even offered any help like a d and c, I would fink I was about 6-7 weeks pregnant so surely there is something they can do as I have lost any tissue or clot like blood yet so surly everythkng is still in me ???? x anyone been through anything like this sorry for long post wanted to get everything in x

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