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Am I miscarrying?


had a positive pregnancy test last Friday 21st August 15 (2nd pregnancy-dd 15.5 months old) and last night 28/09/15 had some brown discharge when wiping (apologies for the tmi!!!) and today it's still going and seems a little heavier, having to use a towel. No pain, perhaps some very mild period type pains but I wonder if that's not me being paranoid tbh. Seen an emergency doctor who seems to think its implantation bleeding but I remain unconvinced. B normal, no temperature, no blood in urine & 2 pregnancy tests both still saying pregnant. Doctor says too early to scan. Last period was 22nd July. anyone experienced similar and what was the outcome? I am genuinely absolutely terrified im miacarrying and dont know what I can do to put my mind at rest! 


  • Hi Lilvic

    im the same, I did a pregnancy test on the 21st, which said we was positive. Over the moon we were, so excited. That same day late afternoon I started light bleeding. Then the same the weekend-stopped and continued. I did another test on Tuesday and yes still positive. Later that same day I bled again. So I rang the Dr, she saw me within 15mins she checked to see if womb was open-nothing! Then I had to do a urine sample. Which came back I had some bleeding in wee and white blood cells, she sent it away for more futher testing-so I thought ok, not good but the Drs was on to it. Thursday no bleeding at all. Friday woke up it was the start of the heaviest bleeding I've ever had! And now it's still heavy, can't ring Dr as the weekend, can't ring tomorrow as bank holiday. So I'm just waiting for Tuesday now. I'm so heartbroken, knowing this could be a miscarriage. I wanted this baby so much. I would of been 6+3 days today. Xxx

  • So sorry you are also having a rubbish few days. Typical it has to happen on a bank holiday when we can't get access to anyone able to help! I

    Bleeding changed from brown to red later yesterday evening so went back to the doctor who basically said he can't tell me what's happening either way and i have to go and have repeated blood tests tuesday and Friday before anyone will be able to confirm if I have lost it or not. A friend mentioned early scanning and said she had 3 early scans before the 6 week mark but doctors both said not possible. Have u spoken to 111 (I assume u r also UK based?) as they were able to get me appointments with walk in centres, not that they were much help to be honest. 

  • Also, I had a positive pregnancy test again this morning but don't know if that counts or not-if I have lost it, how long does it take for ur hormone levels to go back down and stop turning pregnancy tests positive? 

  • Hey, yes I'm UK based. I haven't rung them since the heavier bleeding as they wont do much will they. I'm just waiting on Tuesday so I can go into my Drs and be seen by my Dr. If I'm still showing as pregnant on this coming Thursday the EPU will see me as I will be 7 weeks, they don't don't it before here. 

    I really don't know how to feel as I haven't had any pains or cramps, I'm clueless! my bleeding is red and brown too. Obvs the heavier bleeding is worrying me, I want this baby more than anything xx

  • I don't know that question either. I have no idea about what will happen afterwards etc. :(

  • I also have an appointment Tuesday so hopefully will know more then but the waiting is so hard. I feel like I have resigned myself to having lost this baby but doesn't make it less distressing particularly when mum and husband don't seem to understand y i feel so upset. 

  • Aww, my fingers are crossed for you. Hopefully everything will be ok for you. I haven't bled too much today, so that keeps me hoping-I just don't know what to think now. Let's keep positive x

  • Just waiting in the hospital for an early scan to give me confirmation one way or another. In my heart I know I have miscarried. Just wondered if you had any news? 

  • Hey, I hope you received good news in the end?

    im on tablets until next tuesday before they book me for a scan, I'm just waiting again feels like xx

  • Sadly no not good news for me but u r in my prayers and I hope all turns out well for u xx

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