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Ovulation after Miscarriage

hello I'm brand new to this site! 

I just had a miscarriage on August 25th, I stopped bleeding the 29th. Just curious how soon you can ovulate after the last day you bleed? We're TTC & we're really happy when we found out. 

I I know every woman is different just looking to see how it worked for you. 


  • Hi I've mc 4 times and my ovulation has gone straight back to normal:) I have a very regular 28 day cycle I ovulate always from around day 11-14. I use opks cheap ones to know roughly when my surge is. I then use a clear blue digital opk which gives a smiley face and I know for sure!! This really helps. Good luck with ttc again and very sorry for your loss x

  • My cycles have never been regular. That's why I'm having such a hard time knowing. It took almost a year to conceive the one we lost. 

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