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Am I losing my pregnancy ?

ive has 2 positive pregnancy tests and I'm going to confirm my pregnancy with a doctor in a few days but I'm having moderate bleeding! There's no clots at all, and I can wear the same pad all day and only fill it half way. Normally on my cycle I have to change both a pad and super tampon every 2 hours because I bleed that much and normally I clot A LOT. could this be me losing the pregnancy?


  • Hi momojenna. 

    How are you? How did things turn out for you? xx

  • Hey, I've had one MC, it started off as light bleeding then changed to heavier, but not very heavy. I am normally a light period bleeder though!

    I would wait before worrying. Once you can get your blood tested at a Dr you will know for sure if the pregnancy is looking normal. The pee-sticks just tell you that there's enough HCG to make a positive result, but not if there's enough HCG to indicate a possibly healthy, progressing pregnancy for however far along you might be. My low HCG levels were an indicator for me that I was perhaps not going to carry long.

    Some women who have had a successful pregnancy (I haven't) told me they had some bleeding & that it would be dark. They said it was old, unusable tissue/blood that was being expelled & said it was a good thing

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