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Am I miscarrying?!

Okay I have a lot of questions and concerns. I took two HPT which were both positive, but I took a digital one and it said negative, but I also learned that the digital ones are not as sensitive as regular ones. But I have been having many symptoms of pregnancy I believe; extreme bloating, headaches, sore breasts, my nipples are more brown, I ve been cramping and just feeling different. But about 4 days after I got my positive results from the HPT I started dark brown spotting and now it s more of a red color but still not very much blood at all, and there are no clots whatsoever in my blood. Normally I soak through both a super tampon and pad every two hours and there are many clots. I stopped bleeding after 2 1/2 dAys. I was wearing the same pad all day and it didNT fill up, no clots either. Any idea about what s going on I m freaking out..

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