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Trying to get pregnant again after miscarriage



  • Essie that terrible thinking of u I'm going to try again this month but just hope I get pregnant but will be scared the hole way till I go for my scan 

  • Thanks ladies. Im coping ok at the mo but I haven't passed the baby yet. Thats the hardest bit. Did any of you have a missed miscarriage and take the medication to induce  miscarraige? My first happened naturally so i dont know whst to expect xx

  • No sorry I didnt I came out it's self sure u will be fine u will be glad the hard bit is done are u going to get tested as u had two miscarges ? I am thinking of u x Alana 

  • I had a missed miscarriage I had to have d and c it was dead on just bleed for 5 day then got first 5 weeks to the day for period 

  • I hope ill get tested. Ive had 3 but one was really early only just missed my period. Thankyou all. Just want this all to be over now xx

  • Hey ladies☺️ I miscarried twins at 17 weeks in apr this year we started ttc at the end of june I have been tracking my ovulation and today I noticed ( sorry tmi) that I was spotting but only when I wipe my periods not due for another 4 days so hoping it not that starting early and that I actually am pregnant trying not to get my hopes up as it's very disappointing when my period does come, has any of you ladies had horrible vivid dreams when pregnant I didn't with my daughters but I heard it can be a sign ? 

  • Hi everyone got the sad news yesterday x

  • Oh dear so sad xx

  • Hi ladies I was just wondering if any of u have felt implantion pain I have had pains in my lower left pelvis 6 days after ... I just hope I'm pregnant but I have been testing ovulation for 1 week now and test r neg but yet I had clear sticky discharge period not due till7th Dec  any one any tips r advise 

  • Finger crosses x just have to wait and see try and keep busy x  Alana x 

  • Hi everyone. How you all doing. I would have been 11 weeks but after having a private scan this morning have found out the embryo stopped growing at 6 weeks and has no heartbeat :( im feeling very numb. Midwife told me i just have to wait for my 12 week scan next week but i dont think i can wait that long. I hope things happen naturally before then. Have any of u managed to conceive? Erose were u on the august birth thread? Xxx

  • Hi there Samantha sorry for ur loss I had a miscarriage in October last year at my 10 weeks scan seen baby stopped growing at 7-4 my body didn't realise I got a d&c and recovered very well then I got pregnant 4 months later it's all I have thought about from my loss I got an early scan 10 days ago and they only seen yolk sac and wasn't as far in as I thought so had to come back 10 days later which was today I got to see the heart beat and baby measure 7 weeks instead 7-5 but I'm delight I got to see the hb have my dating scan in few weeks so hope all stays good for me stay strong I no its easier said than done xx

  • Hi amcg. Thats lovely news. Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy hun. Hopefully things happen naturally in the next few days for me. Dont think i could cope going through the same thing as today next friday. Ive got two healthy kids and never had a misscarriage before so today was a total shock. Thank you for your reply hun xx

  • thank u so much I have a 15 year old boy then decided to try again then I miscarry at 7-4 I was delighted then I felt awful and so sad when it happen i have been trying and I new after 3-4 weeks I was pregnant again 

  • Did u start trying again straight after your mmc? Its the only rhing keeping me sane at the minute thinking about trying again. Xx

  • I waited till after the 2 weeks was up as what they say just to recover but thats all was on my mind when was it going to happen and then wording if I'd miss again I was delighted when I got to see the hb 

  • Am so glad youve got your rainbow baby. I think i will opt for the d&c if i havent passed it by friday. Cant wait for it to all be over xxx

  • I no how u r feeling chic it's awful but the we opp is grand I was out in few hrs after but felt very empty I only bleed for 5 days but took 6 weeks for my period to come but I did wait 2weeks b4 trying again 

  • Thanks for your replys hun. I feel much better knowing im not the only one whos going through/been through this horrible time. Luckily my 2 kids keep me busy so im just plodding on and hoping something happens. Hopefully i will have some good news in a few months time :) wud i be sent for an early scan next time? Sorry for all the questions lol xx

  • Samantha if u r on fb r messenger what's app if u need to talk rather than this give me ur name on these 

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