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5 weeks 3 days only sac detectable

Hi all, 

Looking for some advise/stories about your experiences.

So I went to the EPU as I had slight spotting. They decided they were going to do a US however they couldn't see anything apart from the gestational sac, no yolk sac, no fetal pole nothing.... They date me at 5 + 3 ( so as I expected ) I have to go back for a second scan tomorrow, hopefully then I will get some answers.

is this common/unheard of/something to worry about?

I just can't stop worrying, me and my husband have been trying to conceive for a year after coming off the depo injection.

Help :(



  • Hi elliebong. Sometimes it could be too early to see and you could be slightly behind with dates. At this early stage a day here or there can make a difference to what they see on the ultrasound. reading stories of ladies in a similar situation,  position of uterus can also influence what sonographer is able too view. I'm surprised they're scanning you just a day later as this too could be too soon.. I'm keeping everything crossed that all is ok and they spot your little bean soon. X 

  • Hi Ellie

    it could very well be too early to tell. at this point its very hard to see anything. I'd say try and relax but I know you wont do that.

    this happened to me but I was further along and unfortunately my pregnancy didn't progress but please don't let this freak you out. I am surprised also at them scanning you after one day. they waited 10 days to scan me as they said the baby grows 1mm every day so after 10 days they would be definitely able to see a difference, so if things are the same still try not to panic and insist they do another scan in a weeks time. let us know how you get on xx

  • Hi, 

    Sorry I didn't make myself clear, I went for my first scan Monday after the spotting Sunday night - I rang  111 at 15.30 sunday afternoon, for them to call me back 3.07 Monday morning. 😠 I couldn't wait that long so I went to a&e Monday. 

    It's today ! So nervous !


  • Good luck elliebong xx what time is your scan? When I had this experience 2 years ago they sent me back to be re scanned a week after initial scan. Sonographer said it was too early.  Then I had to wait another 2 weeks..  Think what I'm trying to say is, if no change today,  then I agree with sio39, ask to have rescanned with appropriate time scale.  Did they do bloods too? ☺ x

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