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In need of womanly advise

So i thought i got my period. Because i started bleeding when i was supposed to get my period. But it stopped. So i thought my period was just over. But i woke up in the middle of the night with heavy bleeding. It stopped through out the day for quite sometime. But at night it got heavy again. So i went to the emergency room. Come to find out i am 3 weeks pregnant. They did test and ultra sound and said they couldnt tell whats going on yet. And to come back in 48 hrs later to see if my hormones go up or down. They have yet to call me back even after i have called. Im just nervous and look way too far into google. The bleeding is only heavy quick in the morning and at night. Other than that it's light bleeding. But there has been a decent amount of blood clots that come out. My brains in so many directions. I just need some advise. Please. Idk if im miscarrying or not. And it bothers me because i think i am. But ive read so many different things. 

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