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I miscarried when I was 9-10 weeks on 10/2 and I had a d&c on 10/06. My OBGYN gave me the green light to start trying again, after m th 1st cycle, so far I haven't had any periods yet. I wanted to know how long does it take for me to test again. Is it possible to get pregnant without periods?

I really want to get pregnant again. Hope to hear from everyone who is going through what I just went through.



  • Hi Lena

    it is possible to get pregnant without having had a period but tbh after a mc it can take a good few weeks for your periods to return to normal. I know mine took about 5 weeks and that apparently is short. can take up to 10 weeks. They do recommend waiting to have at least 1 period before you try again but again tbh I know people have tried straight away and gotten pregnant again. Hopefully you wont have too long to wait to get your bfp but remember as well to look after yourself.

  • Thank you Sio39, I appreciate it

  • Yep, it's possible to get pregnant without another period in between! While the blood lining & egg release are part of the same process, technically the blood could have been building up & the egg released too

  • Good luck on a re-pregnancy!

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