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Rainbow babies!! Never give up hope... The tears & pain are all worth it in the end!



  • That is awesome! So happy for you! 

  • thanks so much ladies. TM we have been trying since the MC at the end of March 2015. we finally went for tests and had some fertility treatment. Its was our first cycle of IUI and it worked.

    BIg congrats Nalc. So happy for you. I've worked out I will be 5 weeks tomorrow.

  • What fertility treatment can they offe?  We thinking IVF now 

  • sio39, what's your estimated due date?

  • Hi Danielle, I'm working it out at the 21st February 2017. Be 20 weeks walking up the ailse lol

    TM, we had IUI done. That's were you taking hornone injections for about two weeks and they take the sperm, wash it and then inseminate it into you. Its far less envasive then IVF but they say less successful but we decided to try it first to see how we got on rather then going straight to IVF as we were told my hormone levels were really good but oh sperm was a bit slow so we thought maybe we just needed a little help getting the swimmers there :) plus another factor was we went private and IVF is 6K a cycle in Ireland so is pretty expensive

  • Yeah same here.

    my hormone levels are good too but because of my age they said just go straight for IVF.

    it is so expensive !  We thought about going to Europe but my husband is a teacher so getting time off work is a problem

  • Well sio39, if and when you're ready, here's our lovely Due February 17 Birth Club...

  • thanks Danielle, I will pop on over there.

    TM our doctor was all for IVF, wasn't really going for IUI but when we said we wanted to try that first he was fine with it. When we had our first initial apt all he could focus on was my age, kept saying you are 41 you don't have choices. Proved him wrong when my hormone levels came back and he said they were that of a 35 year old. I think they push for IVF, especially for us oldies as it has more of a success rate. But don't be pushed into something you don't want too or feel ready to do. maybe ask about doing a round of IUI or similar first?

  • my Amh was 49 and she said to me because I have so many eggs I should use it 

  • do you know I honestly don't knw what my amh was. when he got all my results back, he was like yeah that's fine, that's perfect, my clotting was at the high end so on tablets for that. We just made the decision based on what we thought was right for us at the time. You can load yourself up with information and google every last thing but sometimes gut instinct is the best so I can only say go for what you think you should do, you'll make the right decision for you. sorry I'm not much help really

  • You've been great! thank yiu

  • if I can ever help just ask or drop me a pm

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