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Rainbow babies!! Never give up hope... The tears & pain are all worth it in the end!

i'm not sure if there is a thread already like this but after i saw the general 'babies' thread that danielle mfm / helen mfm started it gave me this idea.

during my tough times, experiencing 2 miscarriages I felt so hopeless & scared that maybe I would never get to be a mum... Scared to try again incase I would have to go through the pain & heartbreak again. On various threads you hear stories of hope here & there from ladies who have gone on to have their rainbow babies but these can be hard to come across as they are scattered about... So what better way to give hope & inspiration to those ladies who so sadly find themselves suffering the loss of a baby than to quickly & easily see that this doesn't have to be the end for them... That others have been through what they are going through & got their precious baby in the end. We all need that ray of hope! 

So i'll start it off!: please can as many other of you lovely ladies who have rainbow babies post here & keep this thread of support going!

After 2 miscarriages with my 1st 2 pregnancies (1st was a missed mc at 10 1/2 weeks, second was a mc at 9 1/2 weeks after perfect scan at 8 1/2 weeks) I got to bring home my beautiful baby boy in September this year... I can honestly say that whilst i still think about my lost babies & grieve for what could have been... The journey was worth it to bring this joy into my life.




  • what a lovely idea SW2, I would love to see people posting on this, as you say to give hope to use ladies trying to conceive as mc etc and thinking its never going to happen

  • Wonderful picture, SW2!

  • Thankyou guys! Just hoping some more ladies can post their stories on here soon too :)

  • sorry sw2 I did mean to say also how precious is your little boy, absolutely adorable

  • Thankyou sio! :)

  • image

    To all the lovely ladies never give up hope! 

    These are my 3 boys I was told I'd never have!

    before my eldest was born I lost a tube and ovary and my left side ovary and tube where damaged! 

    Lennon was born in 2012, in 2013 I suffered 2 m/c, July at 8 weeks and December just before 12 weeks...I thought my life would never be the same again, I felt like I had failed my children i ended up in a very dark place but with the help from the ladies here and the love of my son I picked my self back up, feb 2014 I found out I was pregnant with Harry I was so scared every day I was just waiting for it to be snatched away from me again now Harry is 1! Then Feb 2015 I found out I was pregnant again! Cameron is now 5 weeks old. 

  • Such a great story sarah... Thankyou for sharing!! X

  • I had a miscarriage last Christmas at 7 weeks, I conceived again in February and November 7th gave birth to my rainbow baby

    A beautiful boy who is a month old and it's gone by quite quickly.

    This Christmas will surely be one to remember :) finally got the family I've wanted,after years of the doctors telling me I wouldn't be able to concieve because of my weight

    imageimage  picture won't load :(

  • Hey charrz!! :) thankyou for sharing your story too!! I would really love to fill up this thread with lads of beautiful rainbow baby stories to help others who have been in that sad place where we once were.

    shame about the pic! Would love to see your little one! If you can figure it out please do post again x 

  • & you are SO right about christmas!! We put the tree up last weekend... I was sat on the sofa feeding the baby watching hubby & his mum put the tree up, christmas music playing... I just smiled so much & felt so blessed to finally have my beautiful baby this christmas x

  • This is one of my most favorite threads - it's simply gorgeous and just a positive ray of light for all those women out there who need the proof that it can happen, after even the darkest of times.

    Charrz91, we think your pics are probably too big to upload - sorry about that, but if you'd like us to post them for you, just pop them over to [email protected]

  • Here's a picture of my son <3image

  • He's beautifil charrz! Thanks for sharing! X

  • He is gorgeous Charrz

  • imageI had mc 20/1/10 n also last few day I slowly had mc between them.i had my son 12/1 / 1 1

  • Thankyou for sharing your story & pic laura.... You have a beautiful son there... While it doesn't make us forget about our lost babies... It really does make this tremendously tough journey worth every moment.

  • sw2 thankyou thank god for his cuddles at this moment in time he really does keep me smiling n hope for another rainbow soon aww most deffo our angels will live on in our heart xxxxx

  • what a cute little boy you have there. sorry for what you are going through at the moment, fx for another rainbow baby xx

  • i hope I do feel sad cuz my hubbys little one is gonna come live with us soon n the fam as been celebrating but I'm feel low I'm overmoo n he's finally got him. Thou just mixed feelings atm xxxxx

  • it took my nearly a year to conceive at age 40 and it ended in a miscarriage, 6 months later I fell pregnant again and had my rainbow baby, my beautiful daughter who just turned 2.  However since, I've suffered another 2 miscarriages.  I'm going to be 44 in March so I'm seriously panicking.  I'd love another child.  

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