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Please help


I'm not sure what to do or where to go. For a while I speculated that I could have been pregnant. I asked my partner to buy me some tests. One of my many symptoms was definitely mood swings. He had forgotten the one thing I had asked him to get for me, after he asked me to message and remind him (which I did). I absolutely flipped and had an emotional breakdown almost when he returned home without them. I told him to leave it as it was late on in the night, and told him he must rush early in the morning so I could use that urine sample. Again, he failed to get the tests for me, and it wasn't until that afternoon where we both went out and bought some. We only bought cheap ones, with two in a pack. He was working that evening while I was at home. Everywhere I looked, there was something pregnancy or baby related. My boobs were so sore, I had vomited, but I think I was more anxious about doing the test. I have heard women say, they "feel different" when they speculate whether they are pregnant or not and I honestly do have this feeling. I gave in and decided to do one anyway as there was two and they were only cheap. This was around 10pm. One line came up instantly, and it didn't take long as I watched the second appear. 

I told my partner and we did the other the next morning which also came up with a positive result. I went to my friend, who has a little girl who's nearly 2 and a half, and her little baby brother who is 8 weeks old. From what I had told her of my symptoms. She was almost certain that I was.

I saw the doctor the next day, but not until 6pm. Another mood swing from myself as my partner had made the appointment for me, to fit in with his schedule that day. I just needed to know. We saw the doctor, and discussed abdominal pain I was receiving and of course we did a test. 

The test result came back negative, but he had asked me to return in a week's time to do another one. I was not so convinced, and asked my partner to take me to get a Clear Blue test. I was sick on the way to the shop.

We did not get the digital one which also tells you how far along you are, (I just wish we had now, hopefully he has gone back to get that one tonight) but bought two which give a result in the form of a "+" and "-". 

That night however I noticed one very small drop of blood (I think anyway) when I sat on the toilet. But that was it, I was not bleeding when I wiped and nothing more before I slept. I did experience cramping, which I read up as a symptom of pregnancy, but it was a very similar feeling to coming on my period. The test came back positive that morning, and I was almost certain myself that I was pregnant.

This was yesterday (24/11/2015) and today I have had a very slow, spotting like bleeds throughout the day. I have not long had a shower where. I thought I had accidentally cut myself shaving, but there was far too much blood and no little niggling pains which would suggest a cut. I thought my period had just come.

I am a little uncertain of what to do and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions? Should I do the other test tomorrow morning? Should I ask my partner not to bother buying the other test? Should I call a doctor? Or get another GP appointment asap? If anyone else has had a similar experience could you please tell me some more information? Would bleeding affect the result on the test?

Is it even possible to test positive after a negative from the GP? Baring in mind this was later on in the day (6pm). But again I tested positive the first time at 10pm at night with a cheap. The day after the doctors was another positive with Clear Blue. 

I am just worried and want to know or have a better understanding of what is happening. :-( Sorry if my questions seem demanding or rude! 

I am also 2 weeks late for my period.

Thank you in advance for any help. Sorry for such a long read and lack of knowledge of it all. X

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