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Pregnancy After A Blighted Ovum... chances!!

I had a blighted ovum diagnosed at 10 weeks but only measured 7 weeks and 2 days in June 2015. I just found out i will be 7 weeks pregnant on Wednesday coming. I am terrified of another blighted ovum. And didnt want to tell anyone but they all guessed as i wouldnt let their dogs near my stomach or i wanted things i never liked before. 

The reason i took a test was because I had a brown discharge that lasted for literally an hour and then went a way. the first test i did was negative and i did one two days later and it was darker than the control line. Since 5 weeks pregnant i have had bad morning sickness, constantly feeling sick and being sick mabye 4-5 times a day. 

With the blighted ovum pregnancy I never had any symptoms just peed more and sore boobs. I am so scared and the Early Pregnancy Clinic will not refer me for an early scan. 

Will it be more than likely this pregnancy will be okay ?


  • A very close friend of mine had a blighted ovum, and has since gone on to have two perfectly fine pregnancies (and two terribly naughty little girls!) so try not to panic! Good luck x

  • in dec 2015 I suffered from a blighted ovum also. It was the most heartbreaking thing I've ever gone through and was desperate to get preg again. On Tuesday I took a test and it said positive. I am also scared of this happening again but I get told you have just as good a chance this pregnancy running smoothly. Good luck ☺️

  • just an update i have had 3 scans and went to wmidwifes yesterday and heard a very strong heart beat , got  told not to worry and i am going to be 16 weeks on sunday so it does not always have to happen again

  • lauramclx hello i just suffered blighted ovum at this moment?  what do you do after your miscarriage?  dos and dont and do you take any vitamins after that?  did your doctor said how many months to concied again?  thankyou..  its really painful for me and my hubby😢

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