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2nd miscarridge

hi guys. 

looking for some help. 

i am having my second miscarridge this year. Just wondered if anyone had or is on the same boat. 

I am struggling with my feelings at the moment. Just Friday past found out I was pregnant then started to bleed yesterday. And passed clots ect. Been to the doc who agrees with me and have a scan on thurs. 

I am so heart broken and upset that this has happened again. I feel cheated and so sad. 

Many advice ftom you ladies? 


  • Hi aam, 

    Sorry that you are having this experience. Even though miscarriage is very common,  to each individual woman it is a very personal and heartbreaking experience. I don't have any practical advice for you, aside from to be kind to yourself and take time to process your feelings. Maybe when you have your scan you will get some answers and if miscarriage is confirmed you should hopefully be offered some support from the clinic. Although I found just talking about it to a few close friends really helped. Take care xx 

  • Hi AAM, 

    I'm just going through my second miscarriage too.  Finding it really hard.

    Have you spoken to your doctor?  They don't normally investigate recurrent miscarriages until you have had three, but there are some tests that they can do.

    Don't give up hope lovely, you will get there.

    Steph x

  • So sorry to hear of your loss! I have only had one pregnancy/miscarriage so I have no advice on what to expect in the future, but I can say I was told that my menstrual lining isn't usually very thick or good. I don't bleed a lot normally & I was told that that was a precursor somewhat for miscarriages- I don't have enough lining to sustain a pregnancy. Going forward, they told me I would have trouble as long as my lining & periods were scanty. I'm in medical school, so I know a little bit about what might help, & something I've been doing is drinking more water & taking birth control pills (which have some estrogen & progesterone) which I'm hoping will increase my normal production of those hormones over time. The Dr. I saw suggested progesterone supplement next time I TTC.

    Hope this helps! Good luck!!

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