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Second miscarriage scan at 10 weeks baby is 6 weeks and no heartbeat

hi everyone I am looking for some encouragement . I am 45 and this is my second miscarriage . The first one I started bleeding at 5 weeks and it took forever before i miscarried and had the op . This was Jan 2015 . Fell  pregnant at  the end of last year and then started bleeeding slightly yesterday . Went for scan and was told baby had died at just short of 6 weeks . I had no clue . I have to wait till this Friday to go for another scan and then the dreaded op again . I so want a baby but am scared that I just don't seem to be able to carry them past 5-6 weeks . Has this happened to anyone else and they have gone on to have a healthy baby . So scared that I have missed my chance . Can't stop crying 


  • Hi Makki293, we're so very sorry to read of your loss. We wanted to point you in the direction of a couple of threads we hope will help you at this tough time...

    This one's about Rainbow babies (and never losing hope) and this other super long running thread is about miscarriage and beyond - there are some wonderful ladies there who've sadly been through something like you have too...

    Sending hugs.

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