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2 miscarriages in a row

Well hi everyone i just wanted to know if anyone has been in my situation ... I am 27 i have 4 children healthy no previous mc all girls so me and my husband was well are trying for a boy back in December , 2015 i was in a car accident and had a miscarriage at around 8 weeks didnt have a cycle again so i tested test came back positive in Jan 2016 almost 4 weeks after my miscarriage now its Feb 7 2016 and i just had a miscarriage severe cramping. And seen the sac so this makes 2 mc in a row anyone know why ??? Im heartbroken sad but feel less as a woman becuase my husband looks at me as a failure i feel he hasnt told me that but i just feel that way image


  • I am so sorry to hear about you misscarrages. I have a 14 year old daughter and I got pregnant the end of 2014 had a chemical misscarrage and then I fell pregnant in 2015 and when we went for the 12 week scan we found out the baby had stopped growing at 8 weeks and no heart beat. I felt like it was all my fault and I was  a terrble girlfriend because I couldn't give my partner his first child. We then found out I was pregnant again 2 days before Christmas 2015. The doctors wasn't able to tell me why I had 2 in a row but my mum thinks Ibcan only carry girls. My sister in law is the same she can only carry boys as she also had 2 misscarrages inbetween having her 2 boys. I spoke to my partner how I felt and he said as much as he was up set , he said these things happen for a reason and we would keep trying. We are now 11 weeks and have the 12 week scan next Tuesday xxx

  • Sorry for your loss as well Liz and congradulations i hope everything goes well for you this time around ... 

  • So sorry to hear about your situation! I have had one miscarriage at 8-10 wk, very emotionally difficult to have gone through.

    Since your first (?presuming?) miscarriage happened following a car crash, do you think there might have been some uterine or otherwise damage done to your reproductive system? Perhaps your body contorted in a way during the crash which damaged your inner reproductive organs? Maybe another internal organ, bone, muscle, etc pushed against a part of your reproductive system & caused some damage or inflammation? I would talk to a fertility specialist or whoever you saw about your miscarriages to tell you some more info & perhaps take a scan of your lower regions. There could be something there to help you understand what's happening & there could be a medication or operation to fix you up! I am in med school & something that came to mind was possible inflammation from the trauma of the car wreck. This can be fixed with medication!

    Also, car crash aside, have you discussed the possible causes of the miscarriages with a professional? For some reason, my doctors didn't talk with me about my miscarriage very much so mostly I had to do my own research (which I'm trained to do anyway so no big deal). I found a lot which could have contributed to my miscarriage. Most miscarriages are genetically caused, but there are a bunch of other potential causes which were worth my looking into. I also got my husband's fertility assessed & it turns out he had an issue! We have gotten him treated which will better out future chances of conceiving & keeping the pregnancy!

    It never hurts to get all the info you can! Drill whoever will talk to you & look things up online if you don't have access to a medical or science online database. You'd be surprised at all the little things capable of causing a miscarriage. For me, I came to the conclusion it must have been my thin lining (I don't produce very much & so my periods are VERY light & the miscarriage was light, too) & my husband's low sperm count due to scar tissue he had going on. I feel so much better trying to conceive again & also there was a great deal of emotional healing I got from the info because as you know the experience is harrowing!

    Try not to feel it's your womanhood on the line. I know, easier said than done. Remember that there is more to being a woman than simply giving birth- you have a whole unique to females hormone system, different neural networks in the brain (which are less hormonally controlled than a man's is) & a bunch of morphological differences setting you apart from men & children. You ARE a WOMAN! Don't forget! I felt really bad about losing my pregnancy as it was both our first & we didn't know anyboday else who'd ever had one. We were so alone & of course I blamed myself. It's what our minds will do if given the chance. Try to free yourself from the blame, understand that your man probably doesn't blame you (he may even be thinking the same thoughts about himself! Since men definitely can contribute negatively to the fertility situation). Good luck!

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